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Summer Term  - Daily Learning and Videos
Below you will find the learning and daily hellos uploaded by your child's class teacher.
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07.05.20 - Thursday 7th May 2020

Additional Maths - BBC Bitesize


Year 3 Daily Hellos

Reuben's Scary Discovery!

Still image for this video

Amelia's Hand Washing Experiment

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Redwings Daily Hello

Good morning Redwings, I hope you are all well. I am still experiencing technical difficulties with my laptop so I am going to write to you instead! 

TTRS- Boys are winning at the moment with Logan and Tayla as our top scorers for each team. Well done to you both! Let’s see if we can earn some more points today and win the Year 3 battle again!


Daily Riddle- Yesterday’s answer was ‘a sponge’ and congratulations to those that guessed correctly. Todays riddle is: What goes up but never comes back down?


Daily Joke- What do you call a cow on a trampoline...a milkshake!


Thank you to everyone who sent learning, photo’s and GIFs yesterday. Although I can’t show you at the moment, I can still receive them so keep sending over your answers to the riddle, any jokes, GIFs, photo’s and learning! 

Have a lovely weekend-enjoy the bank holiday and VE day.


From Miss Durnford 

Extra Activities - Art!


06.05.20 - Wednesday 6th May 2020
BBC Bitesize – Additional Maths

BBC Bitesize – Additional Maths (if you’re feeling adventurous!)


Year 3 Daily Hello!

Redwings Daily Hello

Still image for this video
Good morning Redwings! A short Hello today where I will be discussing TTRS and sharing riddles and jokes. Have a good day.
EMW - 06.05.20

06.05.20 Computing - the link is at the bottom

06/05/20 - Physical Education


The teachers from the Dartmoor School Sports Partnership we belong to have posted some physical challenges designed for our younger children. There are links below to the first three challenges. Have a go and let me know your scores by emailing me at ileaman@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk.  Good luck and have fun!!





05.05.20 - Tuesday 5th May 2020

Extra Maths - Fancy some more? Click on the BBC Bitesize link below!



Year 3 Daily Hellos

Check out Frankie's amazing acting skills below!

Still image for this video
Extra Activities
EMW - 05.05.20
04.05.20 - Monday 4th May 2020, May the 4th be with you...

Extra Maths challenge, if you dare...

Here is some more content on converting between £ and p. You may want to leave this section, watch the videos only or have a go at a few of the activities, there is no pressure either way!


04.05.20 - Daily Hellos

Learning new skills

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04.05.20 - Other Activities

04.05.20 - EMW

Remember, the greater the denominator (bottom number) of a fraction, the smaller it is!

01.05.20 - Friday 1st May 2020
01.05.20 Year 3 Daily Hellos!

Superstar speller!

Still image for this video
01.05.20 - Extra Activities

01.05.20 - EMW

30.04.20- Thursday 30th April 2020
Year 3 Daily Hellos!
30.04.20- Extra Activities

30/04/2020 - PE Quiz


As the weather is due to be rubbish for a couple of days, I have written a short sports quiz for you. There are some current questions, some historical research for you to do, an anagram to solve and a follow up clip to watch if you wish.


Hopefully this will keep you busy and thinking about the history of sport until the good weather returns next week!


Feel free to email me to let me know what you found out and what you thought of the sports performance clip at the end.


Good luck from Mr Leaman!

30.04.20- EMW

Remember to use the formal written method to answer question 4. What 3D shape can you see?

29.04.20 - Wednesday 29th April 2020

BBC - Great British Bunting

With so many events cancelled or restricted for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8th May, BBC Radiowanted to come up with a way for people across the UK to mark the occasion and express their pride in our country and to remember and honour the men and women of WW2.


They have sent some guidance on making some bunting that you can display in your window, so we wanted to pass this on.


If you do make some bunting then we would love to see some photos of it.

Year 3 Daily Hellos!
29.04.20- Extra Activities

29.04.20- EMW

Remember for question 3, use your known number facts to help you find 1/8 of 560 grams and then this will help you find 5/8.

28.04.20- Tuesday 28th April 2020

Compost Bin Instructions

Y3 Daily Hellos!
28.04.20- Extra Activities

28.04.20- Computing

28.04.20- EMW

Can you name the 3D shape? 

27.04.20- Monday 27th April 2020
Y3 Daily Hellos!
27.04.20- Extra Activities

27.04.20- EMW

For question 4, think about what operation 'find the difference' is associated with? What is the most suitable method to use?


24.04.20 - Friday 24th April 2020
Y3 Daily Hellos!

Logan's volcano erupting!

Still image for this video

24.04.20- Extra Activities

Make your own erupting volcano!

As mentioned in today's Geography lesson, below are some links to support you in making your own erupting volcano at home! We understand you may not have all of the items you need, so below are different ways of creating your own volcano.

Have fun and be sure to send your photos and videos to your class teachers. 


24.04.20- EMW

For question 4, be sure to use your known number facts to help you.

24.04.20   Computing- Purple Mash


23.04.20 - Thursday 23rd April 2020
23.04.20 - Y3 Daily Hellos
23.04.20 - Extra Activities
23.4.20 Art with Mrs Foulkes

23.04.20- Computing- Hour of Code

23.04.20- EMW

22.04.20 - Wednesday 22nd April 2020
22.04.20 - Y3 Daily Hellos!

Amazing reading from Lily!

Still image for this video

22.04.20- Extra Activities


22.04.20 PE


Basketball has always been a popular sport at White Rock, and our nearest professional team are the Plymouth Raiders. Some of their coaches have released some videos designed to challenge and develop your skills.


Try the skills they shown you! Work your way through the videos from number 1 onward and see how many of these challenges you can complete using the correct techniques. Don't worry if you can't complete them all - simply find your own level of challenge and have some fun with them and show off your skills to your family!


You may use a ball of your choice. What difference does it make to how hard you find the skills when you use different size and weight of balls?


Enjoy the challenge, and whilst you are on the Raiders YouTube page, check out some of their game footage to see how the game is played at the top level in the UK.


Have Fun!


Mr Leaman.

22.04.20- EMW

Remember in order to find 3/5 you will need to find 1/5 of 400 first (think about your known number facts) and then multiply your answer by how many groups you are trying to find.

22.04.20- Final TTRS Battles.

Well done Year 3! 

21.04.20- Tuesday 21st April 2020

3 Rock Types

Still image for this video
Watch this video as part of today's Science session.
21.04.20- Year 3 Daily Hellos 
21.04.20 - Extra Activities

Art Activity Sheet - Picasso - Three Musicians

21.04.20- EMW - 

Remember for question 2, find 1/8 of 32 first and then multiply it by how many groups you want to find. Can you name the shape in the corner?

20.04.20 - Monday 20th April 2020
Year 3 Daily Hellos - 20.04.20
20.04.20 - Extra Activities

20.04.20- EMW. Don't forget to find equivalent fractions you should multiply OR divide by the numerator AND the denominator!

20.04.20 - Joe Wicks- T-shirt competition 

On Friday, Joe said that he would like his listeners to design a T-shirt to help support the NHS. If you would like to do a design your own T-shirt, below is a template you can use. 

PE with Joe Wicks

20.04.20 Computing - Purple Mash
17/04/20- Friday 17th April 2020
17.04.20 - Y3 Daily Hellos!
17.04.20- Extra Activities

17.04.20- EMW

Remember in order to find 4/5 you will need to find 1/5 first and then multiply your answer by 4 to find 4/5.

17.04.20- Art
Today's learning links to the Art on Wednesday, if you want to go back and remind yourself of Renaissance Art and Leonardo Da Vinci, then please do so.
17.04.20 PE
17.04.20 Computing - Purple Mash
16/04/20- Thursday 16th April 2020
16.04.20 - Y3 Daily Hellos!
16.04.20- Extra Activities

16.04.20- EMW

Remember, to find 1/4 you can half then half the number again. When finding 3/4 you would find 1/4 and then add three of these groups together.

Remember, to find 1/4 you can half then half the number again. When finding 3/4 you would find 1/4 and then add three of these groups together.

15/04/20 - Wednesday 15th April 2020

15.04.20 - Y3 Daily Hellos!

Also, click below for the 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' video!


Extra Activities

Art - Session 2 - Renaissance Art and Leonardo Da Vinci.

15.04.20- Computing

15.04.20- PE with Joe Wicks

09.04.20 - Year 3 Daily Hellos!
06.04.20 - Year 3 Daily Hellos!

03.04.20 Year 3 Daily Hellos!


03.04.20- TTRS

TTRS as of last night...well done Year 3!


Other Activities

We know how much you all enjoyed learning about J.K.Rowling, so below is a link for you to explore the magical world of Hogwarts and all things Harry Potter from your home! 


30.3.20- Year 3 Daily Hellos!


Update: There will be no learning set over the Easter period, however, we will be uploading 'Daily Hellos' on the below dates.

Monday 30th March

Friday 3rd April

Monday 6th April

Thursday 9th April

Come and say hello to your class teacher!

TTRS as of last night!

27.03.20 - Dance

This is the last part of our breakdancing learning. I have put a link below to a BBC Teach website, where you can learn some street dance. Breakdancing, hip hop and street dancing all use pretty much the same moves. Watch the video and have a go. It is really tricky, so I thought this would be good to keep going back to over the Easter holidays. You can then add these moves to your dance and perform a breakdancing battle with others in your family (if you want to). I would love to see some videos or pictures of you having a go at this. Please email them to me at ntyson@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk 

I look forward to seeing them and have fun!

27.3.20 Writing

Today we will be writing a short story based on the plans we wrote yesterday. This is a chance for you to use all of the skills we have been practising this week. Have fun!

27.03.20 – Y3 Linking tenths to decimals.


Click on Lesson 5 and investigate how to represent a fraction as a decimal e.g. ½ = 0.5 (0.5 is halfway between 0 and 1). If 1/10 = 0.1, what else can you find? 2/10 must be the same as 0.2. Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. Any questions, please contact your teacher. Have fun and have a lovely Easter!




27.03.20- Selecting the correct homophones in our writing.

Today with Miss Johnson we will be looking at different homophones, identifying what each homophone means and writing them into our own sentences!

27.03.20 - Year 3 Daily Hellos!

27.03.20 - EMW

27.03.20 - Other Subjects

27.03.20 Computing - If you have a keyboard complete the typing task, if not continue with 2Code.



TTRS scores as of last night!

26.3.20 Writing - Story planning

Today, we will be looking at home to write in note form to plan a story. We will be using 3 images to create our story and then will write it in note form. Have fun! 

26.03.20 – Y3 Counting in tenths continued.


Click on Lesson 4 and continue to investigate counting up in tenths. Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. Any questions, please contact your teacher. Have fun!



Top Tips and Ideas for Maths in the Home (extra activities).



26.03.20- The Reading Ten Minutes


Today with Miss Johnson we will be thinking about our suspense story writing and making predictions about what might happen next in a different suspense story!
26.03.20 - Y3 Daily Hellos!

26.03.20- EMW

26.03.20 - Other Activities

PE Challenge in Partnership with the Total 14 Football Academy!


Craig from Total 14 has today set an online challenge to his Academy players  which includes White Rock children as he comes in to provide us with our football coaching.


There are 20 football teams that Craig has described only by using emojis. He has not given us the answers yet - so between us do you reckon that we can crack the 20 and send them to Craig before anybody else can?


To help you out, I reckon 14 is New York Red Bulls...


Chat to family, FaceTime your friends and see how many you can get.

Email me your ideas ileaman@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk.


Feel free to design any others and send them to me and I'll see if I can guess them!


Good Luck from Mr Leaman!


Landscape Art with Mrs Foulkes

'A view from your window'. Today's Art challenge is to draw a landscape from your window. Take time studying your view and get creative. Have fun!


TTRS as of last night! Well done to Robins, Wrens and Redwings, can you overtake them by tomorrow? Login and start collecting those points! 

25.3.20 Writing - Editing punctuation and language choices

Today we will be looking at how to edit our punctuation and language choices to improve our writing.

25.03.20 - Y3 Maths, counting in 10ths.


Click on Lesson 3 and investigate counting up and down in tenths. Remember that 10/10 is the whole so there are lots of ways of making 10/10 e.g. 1/10 + 9/10 = 10/10.  Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. Any questions, please contact your teacher. Have fun!



Top Tips and Ideas for Maths in the Home (extra activities).



25.03.20- Kung Fu Puncutation
25.03.20 - Daily Hellos from Y3
25.03.20 - Other Activities

Remote Sunflower Challenge!

Thank you to Lisanne Spark who came up with this amazing challenge! Sunflowers, with their bright petals and strong stems, are well known for being 'happy' flowers. We would like to challenge all Year 3 children to plant a sunflower seed on Friday 27th March and watch them grow.


We will be sharing photos and measurements every Friday so think carefully about where you plant your seed and what it needs to grow. Make sure to email your teacher with your photos and measurements so we can watch our sunflowers grow together.


Happy growing!

Year 3 Sunflower Challenge Information

25.03.20- EMW


25.03.20 Computing - Hello, I hope you are enjoying 2Code!

ALSO, Check out David Walliams and News Round below for some extra learning!
24.03.20- Using Inverted Commas

24.03.20 – Y3 Adding Fractions to make a Whole.


Good Morning Year 3! For Maths today, please click on Lesson 2 and investigate how to make a whole by adding fractions. Remember, a fraction represents a number less than 1 (or the whole). Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. Please note that due to large volumes of people accessing this site, this may run slower than usual, we thank you for your patience! Any questions, please contact your teacher. Have fun!


24.03.20- The Reading Ten Minutes!
24.03.20 - Daily Hello from Year 3!
Other Activities

3D Art with Mrs Foulkes

This PowerPoint shows you how to draw in 3D! Mrs Foulkes has given you some great ideas of objects that you can draw and shows you how to use shading to create a 3D effect. Have fun!
Below are some Art activities set by Mr. Aldredge, have fun and get creative!
24.03.20- EMW


Y3 Maths Fractions.

Click on the link below and select 'Lesson 1' to investigate unit and non-unit fractions (a unit fraction is when the top number is 1, a non-unit fraction is when the top number is greater than 1!) Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. Any questions, please contact your teacher. Have fun!

23.03.20 - Writing in the past tense


Explore with Miss Johnson how to accurately write in the past tense using the suffix -ed.

Year 3/4 Spelling List

Here is the list of our Year 3/4 spelling words. It would be great to pick one or two words a day to practice. You my want to look, cover, write and check them, write them in rainbow colours or even put them into a sentence!

Daily Hellos from Y3!

23.03.20 Other Subjects: Computing 2Code and French

For this task you will need a device which can access Purple Mash. For French, please follow the Youtube link for the song.

23.03.20- EMW

19.03.20 - Dance

In Dance, Year 3 have been learning some breakdancing moves. These moves are also used in Hip Hop dancing as well. Here are some new moves for you to follow along to and include in your breakdancing. Maybe you could learn them with grown ups at home and have a breakdancing battle with them. There is also a link to the breakdancing music used in the lessons.

As well as Dance ideas, there is a link to Joe Wicks 5 minute moves to keep you fit and active indoors. 

STARTING MONDAY 23rd MARCH at 9:00am and running all week  - 'PE with Joe' a 30 minute exercise session for kids (and adults!) on 'The Body Coach TV' on Youtube. Keep moving and have fun!

17.03.20 - Learning links

All logins are in the front of your child's reading records.

Mathletics- https://www.mathletics.com/uk/

Times Tables Rock Stars - https://play.ttrockstars.com/

Purple Mash-  https://www.purplemash.com/sch/white-tq4

BBC Bitesize Science- Light- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z3nnb9q


17.03.20 - Reading

Here is a link to a selection of classic children's books. They are downloadable as Word of PDF documents and as an Audiobook.



https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ - Login: Redwings Password:1234


17.03.20 - White Rose Maths- Flashback 4

Below are two powerpoint documents which your child will have seen in class for early morning work. There are different pages each day designed to help your child remember what they have previously learned in their Maths lesson. There will be some Maths images and some calculations to solve.

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