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12.05.20- Tuesday 12th May 2020
Year 3 Daily Hellos

Robins Daily Hello minus the teacher!!!


Robins, I am so sorry, I'm having a few issues filming myself (BOO!) but fear not, you will just have to imagine my jazz hands and singing. I will share all of your incredible learning tomorrow morning. Make sure you login to TTRS and Mathletics today to get those scores up! I have 2 Mathletics certificates for the incredible Poppy this week! Well done Poppy! Let’s see if anyone can get one before tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Isla’s code below that she made for VE Day. Think you can break it? E-mail me and let me know. I’ll share tomorrow to see who our future spies are going to be! Wishing you all a wonderful day and I will see you all tomorrow!

Year 3 Learning

12.5.20 Computing 2Code in Purple Mash

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