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All children at White Rock Primary School are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and wear school uniform. It is our expectation that all children attending White Rock Primary School should wear school uniform. Please see below for more information.



We have chosen easily obtained styles, colours and garments with the hope that all children wear this simple, yet smart uniform. All items that you purchase from our suppliers will have your child's name included, however if you bring in any other items of clothing such as coats, scarfs or hats, please ensure that they are all named. Named items will be returned to class as soon as they are found. Please note that for Health and Safety reasons, no jewellery should be worn other than small stud earrings (which must be removed for PE) and hair should be tied up off the face at all times. 



· Red polo shirt with collar

· Dark blue school sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without logo) - No


· Dark blue/grey/black plain shorts, trousers, pinafore dress or skirt

· White/black/grey/red/dark sensible coloured tights or


· Summer Term only - Blue and white check, or red and white check dress (no sun dresses or anything that resembles beachwear)

· Coats are essential in the winter term



· Sturdy black sensible shoes/boots (ankle height)

· Plain black trainers without visible logos or white bottoms

· No sandals to be worn at any time. Toes must be covered for


· No heels or platform shoes




Although each class has a specific day for their PE and Dance lessons, it is sometimes necessary to change the timetable. This means these lessons may take place on a day when your child will not be expecting it.

It is required that each child have their kit in school for the full week.



  • A house coloured, White Rock logo'd t-shirt (if possible, or a plain t-shirt in the house colour)
  • A pair of dark colour shorts or a pair of dark colour, knee length, unbranded cycling shorts.
  • White socks (not school tights)
  • Trainers (Please ensure if you send your child in with laces they are able to do their own shoes up)
  • Plimsolls are acceptable, but are not ideal for outside sports due to their lack of grip
  • Pupils with long hair must have this tied back away from the face.
  • Earrings must be removed (children will not be able to participate in PE for health and safety reasons if they are not removed). We recommend parents do not get ears pierced in term time as this will impact on your child's learning.


Dark colour tracksuits may be added to kit bags as extra kit during the winter term, and may be worn if the lesson is outside. This is not instead of normal PE kit as children are expected to be in shorts for indoor PE, and all Dance lessons.


For P.E clubs, children do not have to wear their PE kit, but should be appropriately dressed for the sport they will be participating in. Please read the clubs letter carefully each half term to ensure the correct kit is available (e.g. boots and shin pads for football)


Lastly, please ensure ALL PE and clubs kit is clearly named as it makes it much easier to reunite children with the correct kit!


Helping with the cost of Uniform

If your child is entitled to benefit-based Free School Meals or has been in their time at primary school you are entitled to a 50% reduction in the cost of uniform. Please contact admin@whiterockprimaryschool.co.uk 





Although there is no expectation to buy from our uniform provider, we find most parents wish to do so in order for their child to have a sense of identity and belonging to our school. However, it is not a requirement, and we are more than happy for you to purchase some or all of your child's uniform from supermarkets cheaply without any school logos or identification on.



Our school uniform provider is a local company and also provides high quality uniform that is customised with your child's name. To access the uniform shop, click on the link: www.schoolwear107.co.uk


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery to school - Thank you for your patience.



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