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Year 6 Leavers - Class of 2021

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Year 6 Leavers - Class of 2021

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Year 6 Leavers - Class of 2021

16.11.20 - Odd Socks Day and Antibullying Week

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White Rock Primary School were asked to carry out a very important task for this year's Antibullying week! The Antibullying Alliance and Andy and The Oddsocks asked our Year 6 children to send footage of their best, most exciting and most diverse dancing to celebrate Odd Socks Day 2020! Over 20 schools nationally were asked to take part and collectively we submitted over 750 clips! The official video can be found on Youtube but here's some extended footage that was just too good to go to waste...

Year 6 Dance video leavers 2019 - 2020

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Year 6 Old photos leavers video 2019 - 2020

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Throughout Pride Month 2020 have loved sharing lots of videos, pictures, quotes and posts which have been a celebration but also educational too! We started the month off by setting out what we wanted to promote at White Rock. We wanted to continue to move forward in equality and put a stop to discrimination which this community still face. We wanted to encourage everyone to be proud of who they are and celebrate the differences which make every single person beautiful. We teamed up with Proud2Be (a social enterprise that supports LGBTQ+ people and their families in South Devon and beyond) to launch our Pride poster competition and have now announced the winner, scroll down to see who it is, as well as some honorable mentions 

Please go to the PROUD2BE website were they have lots of information about the LGBTQ+ Community and info about Totnes Virtual Pride too: 




Congratulations to our winner of the Pride Poster Competition 2020! Rafaella incorporated creativity as well as lots of information about the LGBTQ+ community. After we told Rafaella's Mum that they had won the prize she said how proud she was of Rafaella as she had put in alot of work and had done loads of research around the subject. Rafaella then came up to school to collect her art kit PRIZE which she was so happy with! Well done again Rafaella, you should be very proud! Check out some pictures below of her amazing poster and her collecting her prize! 


Miss Bowen and Miss Clayton were so impressed with all of the Pride Posters that were sent in that they wanted to share some honorable mentions with you. Take a look below to see some fantastic posters for Pride 2020. We will put up these posters around the school as well as our winners poster. Good job everyone.


Rueben Cook

 We loved Rueben's striking poster! His eye catching creativity and his wording certainly pulled at our heart strings! "The only important thing is to love and to be loved", well said! This was certainly an honorable mention! 







Eva Smith

 Eva chose beautiful bright colours and also added some brilliant words around the LGBTQ+ Community, such as equality, dignity, self-affirmation and more. Well done Eva for incorporating everything pride stands for. 




Eva Bissett

 We could really tell that Eva put alot of work into this poster, including lots of facts about the LGBTQ+ Community and the history of Pride. She also included all the different flags for LGBTQ+! We really appreciate the effort that went into this poster.  





Leo Edwards-Dart

We loved this witty poster that Leo made for Pride, instead of using the famous Lego catchphrase 'everything is awesome' he cleverly changed it to 'everyone is awesome!' And we couldn't agree more! We also loved all of the little Lego couples dotted around the poster. Very punny leo! 







Ellie Holderness

Looks like Ellie couldn't just make one poster, she had to make 9! Wow Ellie, this must of taken alot of time and effort. Ellie also included lots of values that the LGBTQ+ Community hold such as 'don't ever let anyone try to dim your colours'. Well said Ellie! 




Lois Greaves

What a bright and colourful Pride poster! We loved the use of paint and colours to create this rainbow explosion. It looks fantastic, what a good job Lois! 











Savannah Smerdon

Look at this rainbow collage that Savannah made! We love the creativity of this poster and think that it will certainly stand out at school. Well done.

Don't worry be happy...

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As you know we have been working on a little something for the children at White Rock. Something that can hopefully bring a little peace and a smile to their faces amongst all this worrying and uncertainty at the moment. So sit back and enjoy the video!

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