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Summer Term  - Daily Learning and Videos
Below you will find the learning and daily hellos uploaded by your child's teacher.

Summer Two
Summer One 

4.5.2020 - Oi Dog with Mrs Bones

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Friday 1st May 2020

1.5.20 - A hello from Mrs George.

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Thursday 30th April 2020

30.4.20 Computing - Purple Mash

Wednesday 29th April 2020

BBC - Great British Bunting

With so many events cancelled or restricted for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8th May, BBC Radiowanted to come up with a way for people across the UK to mark the occasion and express their pride in our country and to remember and honour the men and women of WW2.


They have sent some guidance on making some bunting that you can display in your window, so we wanted to pass this on.


If you do make some bunting then we would love to see some photos of it.

Tuesday 28th April 2020

28.4.20 Computing

Monday 27th April 2020

27.4.2020 - Oi Frog!

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Friday 24th April 2020
Thursday 23rd April 2020

Look at our Fantastic 'Earth Day' posters. Great work Year 2.

23.04.20 Computing
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Tuesday 21st April 2020
21.04.20 Computing - Purple Mash
Monday 20th April 2020

Hello from Mrs Bones!

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Friday 17th April 2020
17.04.20 Computing - Purple Mash
Thursday 17th April 2020
16.04.20 - Have a go at our Makaton 'Sign of the Week'.
Wednesday 15th April 2020
Easter Holidays

Update: There will be no learning set over the Easter period, however, we will be uploading 'Daily Hellos' on the following dates.

Monday 30th March

Friday 3rd April

Monday 6th April

Thursday 9th April

Come and say hello to your class teacher!


Access a range of fun phonics activites and games.

Accelerated Readers


Go to the AR link on our Remote Learning Page to quiz on your AR reading books.


Oxford Owl- free books for parents online

Below is a link to free e-books available to parents, you can choose your child's level by clicking on 'levels' then 'book band' and then you can select a book based on your child's colour. Children on Accelerated Reader are recommended to read white banded books and above.

Numbots weblink

Below is the link to the Numbots website- you will find your log on at the front of your child's Reading Record (it will have the times tables rock stars logo in the corner). To log in; 1.Click the link below 2. Click on the green arrow 3. Then click on 'schools' 4. Click on 'pupils' 5. Type in 'TQ4 7AW' 6. Now you can enter your child's username and password. 



Below is the link for Mathletics, your child's user name and password are in the front of their Reading Record and in their green Home Learning books.

Purple Mash

 Phonicsplay - free decodable comics


Decodable comics in phonic phases 2-5, giving the children the opportunity to use the phonic knowledge they have learned in school.



Friday 27th March 2020

27.03.20 Computing - 2Explore

Thursday 26th March 2020

Science 26.03.20

Try this cool Science investigation so the children can understand how the wings of a plane work. This is linked to our topic (The sky is never the limit). 

You will see that the shape of the wing allows the paper to lift when the air from the hairdryer is switched on, just like a plane wing!

26.03.20 Computing

PE Challenge in Partnership with the Total 14 Football Academy!


Craig from Total 14 has today set an online challenge to his Academy players  which includes White Rock children as he comes in to provide us with our football coaching.


There are 20 football teams that Craig has described only by using emojis. He has not given us the answers yet - so between us do you reckon that we can crack the 20 and send them to Craig before anybody else can?


To help you out, I reckon 14 is New York Red Bulls...


Chat to family, FaceTime your friends and see how many you can get.

Email me your ideas ileaman@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk.


Feel free to design any others and send them to me and I'll see if I can guess them!


Good Luck from Mr Leaman!


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Free Amazon Audible Books

 You will need to copy this link into your search engine: https://stories.audible.com/start-listen


25.03.20 - Growing Challenge

Sunflowers, with their bright petals and strong stems, are well known for being 'happy' flowers. We would like to challenge all Year 2 children to plant a sunflower seed on Friday 27th March and watch them grow.


If you don't have sunflower seeds you can you plant another type of seed and share photos and measurements  showing how your plant is growing. Maybe you could plant a seed from an apple, avocado or grape that you have eaten.


It will be fantastic to share photos and measurements every Friday so think carefully about where you plant your seed and what it needs to grow.


We look forward to seeing how they grow.

Tuesday 24th March 2020
24/03/20 Thanks for the all the jokes you have been sending in. Follow the link below to see some of the Cranes telling their favourite jokes. Keep them coming (videos more than welcome). 

Science Learning 24.03.20

Why not try this fun Science Experiment...all you need should be available around your home! 


Explanation - All liquids have a 'surface tension' which means they can hold a certain amount of weight before they collapse and an object sinks (this is why it can hold the paper boat). When you add washing up liquid to your finger it weakens the surface tension behind the boat and therefore the boat slides forward! 

Monday 23rd March 2020

23.03.20 Computing - Technology in Our Homes

Hello. For this task you will need your green book and a pencil.

20.03.20 - Joe Wicks PE Lessons.

Joe Wicks will be running live PE lessons  at 9am every morning. He is planning to get the nation moving. Have fun Year 2.



20.03.20 - Dance

In Dance, we have been exploring linking different types of jumps to create a dance. Below is the information we used in class to help. Can you use this to try to create a dance on your own? We call this a solo dance. You could get someone at home to film you and then email it to me, Mrs Tyson – ntyson@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk   I would love to see your dances and smiling faces! Enjoy creating your solo dances and I look forward to seeing some of them.

19.03.20 - Free English and Maths materials in Learning at Home packs


Hamilton Trust will be providing free packs for English and Maths for each year group so that these materials can be made available for parents and children at home.

Packs for Week 1 are being added as soon as they are completed and will all be available by the end of the week. Further packs will follow.



17.03.20 - White Rose Maths - Flashback 4

Below are three powerpoint documents which you may have seen on the whiteboard in class for early morning work. There is a different page each day designed to help your child remember what they have previously learned in their Maths lesson. There will be some Maths images and some calculations to solve, your child is familiar with solving these problems but may need some support to read some of the questions. 

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