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30/03/20 - Monday 30th March 2020
27/03/20 - Friday 27th March 2020

Sunflower update

Good afternoon Year 6, I hope you are all well. 

Today is the day to plant your sunflower seeds, if you wish to take part.

Make sure you choose a suitable spot for them to germinate/grow and keep them well watered.

Remember to send your teacher weekly updates of your sunflowers - pictures and measurements. 

Happy growing!

Have a great weekend and Easter break, 

Miss Noble

Picture 1

Owls Class Book - The Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho Yen - Chapter 43

The sound quality wasn't ideal on the previous chapter, so this is recorded as an Audio File - the quality should be substantially better. Let me know if you're still listening and enjoying the book! I'm really missing reading to you all!

27/03/20 - Maths activity - if you are having difficulty downloading the activity, here is the PDF.

27/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work

27/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work  1

27.03.20 Computing - If you have a keyboard complete the typing task, if not continue with 2Code.

27.03.20 Computing - If you have a keyboard complete the typing task, if not continue with 2Code. 1
27.03.20 Computing - If you have a keyboard complete the typing task, if not continue with 2Code. 2
26/03/20 - Thursday 26th March 2020

26/03/20 - Daily Hello - Hawks

Good morning Hawks! 

I hope you are all okay and have been keeping yourselves busy. 

Unfortunately, my internet is down at the moment so I am unable to film my usual daily hello. Once the internet is back up and running, I will continue with the daily hello videos. I've had an email from Natalia today with a few jokes:

What's faster, cold or hot? 

Hot because you can catch a cold. 


What do you catch a rich elf?



Why did the golfer buy two pairs of trousers?

Because he got a hole in one!


Thank you for those Natalia.

I've got a long list of things to share with you, so I will make sure I share them in the next daily hello. 

Have a great day and I will speak to you all soon, 

Miss Noble. 

26/03/20 - Hello Eagles - Jokes

Apologies to Ethan and Ellie who sent in jokes. There was so much to talk about today! Here they are:

Ethan's joke

A man was fired from his banking job because he pushed over an old lady. When asked why he did it, he replied, 'I was checking her balance.'


Ellie sent in two jokes. 

What vegetables need a plumber? A leek!


Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Peas who?

Peas let me come in. 


Remember if you have a joke please send me an email. Thanks all. 

26/03/20 - Maths activity - if you are having difficulty downloading the activity, here is the PDF.

26/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work

26/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work  1
26/03/20 - Physical Education

I have added a wordsearch for Year 6 that is based upon the learning of muscles we have done this year. It might be a challenge so good luck, and let me know how you get on!

Mr Leaman

PE Challenge in Partnership with the Total 14 Football Academy!


Craig from Total 14 has today set an online challenge to his Academy players  which includes White Rock children as he comes in to provide us with our football coaching.


There are 20 football teams that Craig has described only by using emojis. He has not given us the answers yet - so between us do you reckon that we can crack the 20 and send them to Craig before anybody else can?


To help you out, I reckon 14 is New York Red Bulls...


Chat to family, FaceTime your friends and see how many you can get.

Email me your ideas ileaman@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk.


Feel free to design any others and send them to me and I'll see if I can guess them!


Good Luck from Mr Leaman!


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25/03/20 - Wednesday 25th March 2020

25/03/20 - Amazon - Free audio and book subscription 

Amazon have cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of book. 


Check out the link below and enjoy!


25/03/20 - Remote Sunflower Challenge!

Year 6 have been inspired by a project that is going to begin in Year 3 this Friday... It's the Sunflower Challenge!

Sunflowers, with their bright petals and strong stems, are well known for being 'happy' flowers. We would like to challenge all Year 6 children to plant a sunflower seed on Friday 27th March and watch it grow.


We will be sharing photos and measurements every Friday so think carefully about where you plant your seed and what it needs to grow. Make sure to email your teacher with your photos and measurements so we can watch our sunflowers grow together.


Happy growing!

25/03/20 - Maths activity - if you are having difficulty downloading the activity, here is the PDF.

25/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work

25/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work  1

25.03.20 Computing - Hello, I hope you are enjoying 2Code!

25.03.20 Computing - Hello, I hope you are enjoying 2Code! 1
24/03/20 - Tuesday 24th March 2020

24/03/20 - Design and Technology - 30 Day Lego Challenge 

Here is a Lego Challenge to help you fill part of your day. Using Lego, helps to develop your creative and problem solving skills. 


Picture 1
Picture 1

24/03/20 - Maths activity - if you are having difficulty downloading the activity, here is the PDF.

24/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work

24/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work  1
Tuesday 24th march 2020 - Art. Colour and Cave Paintings.
23/03/20 - Monday 23rd March 2020
Picture 1

Maths Activity - Some people are having difficulty downloading this activity from the website. Here is the PDF.

23/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work

23/03/20 - Maths Early Morning Work  1

23/03/2020 - Year 6 - Diary Entry - Lesson 1

Still image for this video

Computing - 2Code

For this activity you will need a device which can access Purple Mash.

20.03.20 - Maths Early Morning Work

19.03.20 - Free English and Maths materials in Learning at Home packs


Hamilton Trust will be providing free packs for English and Maths for each year group so that these materials can be made available for parents and children at home.

Packs for Week 1 are being added as soon as they are completed and will all be available by the end of the week. Further packs will follow.



19.03.20 - Writing at Home

If you're looking for resources or activities for independent learning or home education, these YouTube Kids playlists have been created to make it easy for children to create some inspired writing. Scroll down to find each playlist and to download writing templates. Suitable for KS1 to KS3.





19.03.20 - Year 6 SPaG Curriculum

Here's a knowledge organiser that outlines the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills taught at Year 6, all handily set out on one page. These can support revision of the SPaG curriculum. 

19.03.20 - Maths Early Morning Work

18.03.20 - Maths Early Morning Work


17.03.20 - Maths Early Morning Work

17.03.20 - Maths Early Morning Work  1

17.03.20 - Maths online learning links



Battles have been set: Hawks vs Eagles and Hawks vs Owls and Eagles vs Owls.



Maths Activities -




Learning Journey

https://www.literacyshed.com/home.html - Stories and clips for writing.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zhrrd2p - SPAG activities. 



Below is a link to free e-books available to parents, you can choose your child's level by clicking on 'levels' and find a book appropriate to your child's current reading level.  



https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ - Oxford Owl Login: Password: 1234

https://www.researchify.co.uk/audiobooks.html - Free children's books and audiobooks 

SATs Practice

If you wish to revise SATs papers, past papers are available to download for free here:




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