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Owls are creatures of great integrity and as the oldest children in the school, we are also serene and wise, using all the senses to move our learning forward.

Welcome to Yr 6 Owls Class


In class 6 Owls the teacher is Mrs Tyson, with Mrs Grimes and Mrs Holman as the Learning Support Assistants. The Year 6 Teaching Team includes Mrs Tyson, Mr Page, Mrs Collins, Miss Eales and Mrs Grimes.  

The Year 5/6 theme for this term is 'Made in China'. This is a cross-curricular approach to learning, which will provide the pupils with an all encompassing and enriching learning experience. The pupils will be immersing themselves in The Magic Paintbrush by Laurence Yepusing this text as a stimulus for their writing and reading, as well as enhancing other areas of the curriculum. For more information on the curriculum, look at the Summer Term Curriculum Plan below.



PE Days: Thursdays and Fridays, however please ensure that PE kits are in school every day.


Home Learning: All home learning will be completed in Home Learning Books and be given on a Thursday to be completed for the following Tuesday. If home learning is not completed, it will have to be completed during Wednesday lunchtime.


Team Lead: Mrs Natasha Tyson 

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see your class teacher (Mrs Tyson), or contact the Team Lead (Mrs Tyson).

Mrs Tyson     ntyson@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk




Year 6 Leavers' Assembly - 2:30pm Tuesday 21st July.

Year 6 Leavers' Disco - 6:30 - 8:30pm Tuesday 21st July.

Year 6 trip to Woodlands - Wednesday 22nd July.



Year 6 Trip to Woodlands - an amazing last day at primary school!

Summer Term Curriculum Plan

Terracotta Army

On Wednesday 10th June, staff from South Devon College came to White Rock for a clay workshop. During the afternoon, all of Year 6 made their own soldiers to be part of our very own Terracotta Army! 

Buddhist Visit

On Tuesday 9th June, we were very luck to have a visit from Jake Lyne, who is part of the Western Chan Fellowship in Exeter. During the morning, we learnt all about Buddhism. This included the history, special festivals, their beliefs and we even had a go at some meditation.

Monday 8th June 2015


We had a fantastic trip with the whole of Year 5 and Year 6 to the Princess Theatre.  Whilst there we watched the talented Philharmonia Orchestra. We were treated to their interpretations of Britten's Soiree Musicales; Beethoven's, Symphony No.5; Britten's Simple Symphony; Bizet's Carmen Suite and Brahm's Hungarian Dance No. 5.  The members of the orchestra were able to effortlessly tell the musical stories of these very famous works and it was a joy for us to experience a real live orchestra.

Philharmonia Orchestra

Friday 15th May.  Library Presentation

We were thrilled today to present some children in Upper Years with prizes from Paignton Library.  They were chosen as they did amazing descriptive writing during their library visit.  Congratulations!

Library Presentation

Thursday 30th April 2015. Trip to Paignton Library

We had a great experience walking from school to Paignton Library.  Whilst at the library, we had a tour of all of the sections in the building, including all of the resources available to us.  It was great to see what the library can provide and everyone enjoyed exploring all the different genres the library had to offer.  We were very luck to partake in some activities related to our theme, 'China'.  We learnt about the Chinese Zodiac and celebrated Chinese folklore in storytelling and writing descriptive poems.  We had chance to have our lunch at Goodrington Sands on the way back to school.  All in all a 6.3 mile round trip!

Our Trip to the Library

Spring Term Curriculum Plan

Creative Brazil Day


On the 12th of March, as part of our cross-curricular thematic work, we were visited by 'Creative Brazil' from London.  We had a wonderful day of exciting Brazilian cultural activities.  All of Upper Years were in 3 groups and were able to experience every workshop throughout the day.  The workshops were: 

Brazilian Samba Dance and Caporeira (Brazilian non-contact Martial Art). 

We were put through our paces with the exciting and fast choreographed movements, and learnt two routines. 

Craft Workshop: 

In this workshop we recycled materials to design and construct our own carnival hat, it was fascinating to see all the creativity amongst us in really varied and unusual designs.

Samba Band:

We learnt about the Brazilian Samba rhythms, and practised singing two part rhythms, clapping them, and then putting all we had learnt into playing the instruments.  We had to listen really attentively to know which signals from the conductor meant which stops.  It was a fantastic experience for all of us and we will continue what we have learnt today in our own work in school. 

5.3.15: World Book Day


Today was World Book Day.  We celebrated it in Year 5 and 6 by coming to school dressed as a character from a myth or legend.  Everyone's efforts were very much appreciated.  We had a team assembly focusing on reading, and during Literacy we shared our favourite book with the class. After lunch, we then had the opportunity to share our books with a child from Year 3  It was lovely to see everyone excited to share them with others, and how well everyone read to each other.  At the end of the day, we heard from famous footballer, and author, Frank Lampard through a live link to the children's authors website. 

Guess the Book - World Book Day

World Book Day

As part of our World Book Day celebrations we visited the Paignton Bookshop. We enjoyed choosing which books to buy and finding out what we could read next.

4.3.15:  Recycle workshop


We were very pleased to welcome Alex Mack from Recycle Devon.  She did a lot of exciting interactive work with us, focusing on the Waste Hierarchy.  We learnt about: The 4 Rs.

REDUCE - Lessen the amount we use to reduce the impact on the environment.  REUSE - To use your rubbish again.  RECYCLE - Turn the rubbish into something brand new/compost.  RECOVER - Generate energy from waste by burning the rubbish.  She showed us the new factory in Devonport in Plymouth that was the EfW - Energy from Waste's newest depot.  We all enjoyed the workshop and working together in our teams to answer questions and sort items into the 4 Rs.

Waste Workshop

Since half term, in Maths, we have been investigating fractions and ratio using cuisenaire rods.

In Maths, before half term, we made Fraction Monsters where each coloured cube represented a different fraction. Our monster had to equal 15 and a half. This was a challenge for us!

Autumn Term Curriculum Plan

Our Learning Journey


During our Literacy lessons, we are focusing on a new class book entitled, 'Oranges In No Man's Land.' This is in keeping with our 'Conflict' theme and is based on the Civil War in Beirut.  The novel tells the story of a young girl named Ayesha and her struggle to support her family throughout a time of war.


Within the theme of 'Conflict', we have been completing our own research, using the new class set of ipads.  We have researched the causes of World War II, evacuation and rationing. In Art, we have forged links with an International school in Munich as a way  of exploring the World War II artist Henry Moore. We will be sharing our findings with the school as well as the artwork we will be creating over the coming weeks.

We had a super afternoon performing for our relatives during our WWII tea dance.  The tables were laden with specially baked goodies, the hall was full of WWII songs and dances.  The children were dressed in WWII style outfits and had a fantastic time sharing the songs and dances that they had learnt.

Our Shabbat Celebration

Brixham Battery Visit

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

One group's Gunpowder plot Song

Still image for this video

Literacy Debate

Torquay Museum and Torre Abbey

Year 6 Maths Autumn Plan

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