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Kestrels are enterprising and creative, and they approach all their endeavors with focus, commitment and enthusiasm, so they can soar above the land.  As the older members of the year 3/4 team, the Kestrels use all these skills to be positive role models to the whole White Rock team.


Welcome to Y4 Kestrels Class


Kestrels' class teacher is Mr. Aldredge. Their Learning Support Assistants are Miss Soper and Mrs. Lines.


Our theme this term is Discovery. We will be learning about famous discoverers and explorers. Our reading and writing will take us on quests and we will discover new genres, authors and stories. We will take an exciting trip to discover a new skill- watch this space! Our learning will be chosen by us as a class and what we want to discover. We will use our imagination to build new worlds, follow our dreams and discover the world around us. We would like to invite you to our talent show at the end of term, where we will showcase the skills and knowledge that we have discovered! 

For more information on our curriculum, see our Summer Term plan.



P.E. Days: Monday and Wednesday


Home Learning will be given out on a Friday and collected in on the following Wednesday. 


Team Leader: Mrs. Leanne Foster.

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the teacher (Mr. Aldredge) or contact the Team Leader. 



Year 4 Summer Curriculum Plan


To celebrate the end of our exciting theme Discovery, the children in Year 4 performed a talent show showcasing their newly discovered talents! We discovered that we could write poetry, perform backward walkovers and draw houses! Well done everybody!

As part of Year 4's Art topic of colour theory; the children have been examining the work of Abstract Expressionist Artists Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. They looked at the way Pollock used 'Action Art' and Rothko used scale to express emotion through composition and colour, creating work around the theme of 'excitement'and other emotions.

Today,Year 4  were faced with a mathematical challenge! Could they collect data and present it? They were not told how to collect it or present it! All they were given was a stopwatch and a skipping rope! After initial team discussions, we decided that they would see how many skips their partner could do in seconds intervals - the choice of how long these second interval would be was decided by themselves. The children decided the best way to collect the data would be in a frequency table and to present the data as a time graph.

Paddleboat Theatre Company - Monday st June 2015.

On Monday, Paddleboat theatre performed their fantastic play 'According to Arthur' for Years 3 and 4. Kestrels were then lucky enough, that afternoon, to have the Company of Paddleboat Theatre conduct a Drama Workshop. This will be happening every Monday afternoon for the whole half term!

Creative Inspiration Day - Thursday 21st May 2015.

Year 4 students from all over the Bay converged on Paignton Community and Sports College to participate in a day of inspiration, aspiration and celebration. They took part in Archery, Futsal, Art-astic, Break Dancing, Big Beat Drumming and Animal encounters. All the children discovered something about themselves that they had never discovered before! Some of our students even won awards for their effort, enthusiasm and skills...

Skiing at Plymouth Ski centre - Friday 8th May

What an amazing day we have had!!!!! The children have tried their hand at skiing, tobogganing and sno tubing. We linked this trip to our theme of Discovery by actually gaining first hand experience of how Scott must have felt when he trekked across Antarctica. Luckily, the weather was kinder to us than it had been to Scott!!!!

Year 4 Spring Term Curriculum Plan

Autumn Term Curriculum Plan

Brainy Brian is a Proboscis Monkey who spends the weekend at home with the pupil who has made the most effort in their learning. Here's a record of some of his adventures so far this year!

In Science, as part of our ongoing learning of sound, we have been trying to investigate if sound travels through different mediums. We made telephones out of string and plastic cups. Through a combination of video, audio and practical experiments, we discovered that sound can move through solids, liquids and gases.

In Art, Kestrels have been focusing on Self-Portraits. They have taken inspiration from four different Art movements: Impressionism, Pointillism, Fauvism and Pop Art. They used this inspiration to create their own self-portrait, which now features in the Year 4 Self-Portrait Gallery!

To celebrate World Book Day, Kestrels paid a visit to Buzzards to share their favourite books and stories.

Year 4 trip to Torbay Book Shop to celebrate World Book Day. All the children came away with new books!

A volcano erupted in Year 4!

Friday 28th November saw White Rock's first ever Stone Age museum! Parents were invited to share all our exciting learning from this first term. They were encouraged to take part in a variety of activities such as printing, making a stone age house and even being a Stone Age man by drawing under the table! Our children also created their own QR codes which linked to web sites about the Stone Age and they took great pride in sharing this learning with parents. As you can see, we had lots of fun!

Year 4 Survival trip to Stover Park

P.E. Problem Solving Afternoon at Brixham Community College.

Making a stone Age house

Kestrels working as part of a team...

Our trip to Kents Cavern

Year 4 Maths Autumn Plan

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