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Robins are cheerful and friendly birds, well known for their distinctive colouring and beautiful song. These colourful characters are lively and outgoing, and will brighten anyone's day. Although small in stature, they are daring and adventurous, and use their inquisitive nature to innovate and problem solve. 


As younger members of the year 3/4 team, Robins use these skills to work together harmoniously and set their sights high on soaring in the sky.

Welcome to Yr 3 Robins Class


The Class Teachers in Robins is Miss Aleshia Sampson. Our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Edmundson. Our theme this term is Discovery. We will be learning about famous discoverers and explorers. Our reading and writing will take us on quests and we will discover new genres, authors and stories. We will take an exciting trip to discover a new skill- watch this space! Our learning will be chosen by us as a class and what we want to discover. We will use our imagination to build new worlds, follow our dreams and discover the world around us. We would like to invite you to our talent show at the end of term, where we will showcase the skills and knowledge that we have discovered! 

For more information on our curriculum, see our Summer Term plan.


PE days: Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings.


Home Learning:  Will be given out on a Friday and collected on the following Wednesday. 


Team Leader: Mrs Foster.

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the teacher (Miss Sampson) or contact the Team Leader. 








Year 3 Summer Curriculum Plan

Year 3 Spring Term Maths Curriculum Plan

We visited the Plymouth Ski Centre to discover how to ski! Amazingly, we also learnt to toboggan and ski-tube, which was exciting for us all. We travelled like Scott of the Antarctic and had a truly memorable day. Enjoy our photos of this fantastic learning experience. We are looking forward to what we might discover next...

Discovering Magnetism

Can you feel the force? We have discovered how magnets attract and repel. We designed an experiment to investigate whether bigger magnets are stronger. We used horseshoe magnets, bar magnets and ring magnets to measure how effectively they attracted paperclips. The biggest was the horseshoe magnet, which was also the strongest magnet. We concluded that the bigger the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force!
As part of our learning about Europe,  years 3 and 4 have been focusing on Spain. We had a Spanish Fiesta in which we made and tried Spanish foods, improved our knowledge of the Spanish language, and tried Flamenco dancing! A professional dancer and guitarist came to teach us how to dance. We dressed in smart clothes and traditional Spanish dress. It was great fun and we showed our new dance moves to our families and friends at the end of the day! 

To celebrate World Book Day, we took part in lots of activities to show our love of reading books. We came to school dressed in circus fancy dress to reflect our learning about the story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Excitingly, we also went to the Torbay Book Shop to use our World Book Day tokens! We were able to choose a free book in exchange for our token and many of us bought other books too. 


We created our own blurbs and front covers for some of our favourite books and we did some paired reading with Year 6. It was very enjoyable to share our books with the older children, and it was interesting to see the books they were reading. We absolutely love reading, and we had a wonderful World Book Day! 

Paddleboat Theatre have visited us to deliver a workshop about Europe. We experienced living in France by seeing French objects, feeling French market stall items, listening to French musical instruments and smelling French foods. We created famous landmarks in groups and wrote descriptive paragraphs about life in France. We enjoyed the workshop and learnt lots about life in France. 
On Monday 19th January, Elfic the Jester came to teach us some circus skills. As part of our learning about the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Elfic showed us what it would be like to be in the circus! We tried juggling bean bag balls, balancing peacock feathers on our hands and noses, plate spinning and much more. There were mini unicycles to try, huge hula hoops and other equipment such as diablos and balancing sticks (also called flower sticks) which we were able to choose from. Elfic also showed us his impressive skills and tricks. It was a fun and inspiring learning experience!

Our Spectacular Stone Age Museum!

On 28th November, we opened White Rock's first museum! As we were finishing our Stone Age Survival learning, we wanted to celebrate our work with our families, in our own Stone Age museum. We had lots of activities to try including, shelter building, cave art, clay modelling, artefact drawing and much more. We were tour guides, and showed our visitors all that we had learnt. There were also real artefacts to feel and examine, which was very interesting and exciting. It was a wonderful afternoon.

PE at South Devon College

In the Autumn Term, our class were very lucky to have been able to learn PE at South Devon College. On Thursday afternoons we practised rugby, cricket, basketball, football, circuits and much more! Our afternoons were really fun and we all enjoyed participating in team games and developing our skills. 

Stover County Park Visit

We visited Stover Country Park and tried to survive the Stone Age! We built fantastic shelters, practised throwing spears, and made fires. We were really lucky to finish the day with hot chocolates and marshmallows, sitting by our cosy fires!


We have learned about fractions in a fun and active maths lesson. We had lots of different problems to solve. It was a really fun lesson in which we could apply our fraction knowledge. Some of the challenges were very tricky. Try this one at home- how can you cut a ring doughnut into 8 equal fractions (eighths) using only three cuts of a knife?

Making Stone Age Houses

We have been busy building Stone Age houses. We had to use our team skills to work together as it was very tricky to attache the sticks using only wool. Thank you for collecting all the sticks over the half term holiday! Our wonderful Stone Age village will be part of our museum. 

Christmas Lanterns

An artist came to school to make Christmas lanterns with us. We glued layers of tissue paper to build the lantern, and then placed patterns of coloured paper over the top. To make our beautiful lanterns even more festive, our lanterns were covered in glitter! All the year 3 children are able to take their lantern to a festival when the Christmas lights are turned on in Torquay, and excitingly, we get to keep our lanterns to use at home throughout the year!

Debate: Who would survive the Stone Age best- boys or girls?

We had a debate to decide, who would survive the Stone Age best, boys or girls? We were learning how to explain our views and respect the views of others. After voting in many rounds, some of us had been convinced by the persuasive arguments made, which produced very interesting results. We decided that girls would have survived the Stone Age better that boys!

Our trip to Kents Cavern.

Stone Age Cave Paintings.

Year 3 Spring Term Curriculum Plan

Autumn Term Curriculum Plan

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