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Wrens maybe small, but their inquisitiveness and perseverance enables them to be highly effective hunters. These cheerful characters are lively and outgoing, and as younger members of the Year 3/4 team, we also bring true determination and resilience to our learning.

The class teacher in Wrens is Miss Charlotte Bowden. The Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Netherway, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Rose, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tummon. 


PE days: PE kits are required to be left in school on a Tuesday and Friday. The kit consists of a white t-shirt, blue shorts and trainers / plimsolls. During winter months, it is suggested that children are provided with a tracksuit. All items of PE kit should be labelled with the child's name and class.


Home Learning:  Will be given out on a Friday to be collected the following Wednesday. 


Team Leader: 

Year 3 and 4 Teaching and Learning Lead: Miss Sarah Durnford

Key Stage 2 Lead: Mrs Leanne Foster

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the class teacher (Miss Bowden) or contact

cbowden@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk or alternatively a team leader:



Upcoming Events 


Thursday 29th March 2018 - Learning Celebration at the Riveria Centre

Academic Year 2017-2018

Does the sun move?

This week, we have been investigating whether the sun moves as throughout the day the sun appears to change position within the sky. In order to do this, we created our own sun dials and compared the position of the shadow created from the morning to the afternoon..

Human Graphs

This week, we created our own bar graphs made from ourselves! We completed a class survey to see which was our favourite subject and we had to represent this in a bar graph. In our groups, we had to think carefully about what scale we were going to use on our axis and how tall each of our bars needed to be. Have a look at our graphs!

Science - Light

This week, we have explored how shadows are created. We were posed with the question 'Why was Jimmy's mum's shadow so much bigger than her?'. We were provided with a torch and a small figure and explored what affected the size of a shadow. Have a look at what we got up to..

Maths - Time 

This week we have continued our learning on telling the time. We are now confident on telling the time on both analogue and digital clocks. We have also learnt how to read and write Roman Numerals. 


This week we have been learning about Light. We have discovered that light enters our eyes from a light source. We have been learning about how we see objects through light reflecting off different surfaces. We have made models to show this... 

Constructing 3D shapes

As part of our learning on shapes, we constructed 3D shapes using straws and play dough. We discovered that there are lots of components to consider when constructing a 3D shape and so it was a lot harder than we initially thought. Have a look at how we got on below!

World book day trail

On world book day we had a fantastic time sharing our favourite books and talking about our favourite authors! We also completed an amazing book trail where we had to apply our knowledge of reading to find the clues. The clues even took us down to visit the goats!

Plymouth Aquarium 

We had a fantastic day at Plymouth Aquarium! During our tour, we learnt about all the different types of fish and their habitats as well as getting up close and personal to stingrays, sharks and lobsters! We also had a great Science workshop investigating how the Hammerhead shark had died. It was so interesting to learn about how if we don't take care of our rubbish it may have a disastrous impact on our environment. Thank you to Loveday the Plymouth Aquarium team and also our parent helpers for making the day so great!

Junkman Music

This week, Wrens took part in a musical workshop where we used different objects as musical instruments. It was so much fun! We also got to watch a performance in assembly.

Volcano eruptions

As part of our learning 'One world, one heart', we have been exploring the effects of Natural disasters on communities. We have concentrated on the volcanic eruption on the Island of Montserrat and looked at how different groups of people came together to help those affected. We decided to create and erupt our own volcanoes and were even lucky enough to try some volcano cake at the end!

Primley woods

Over the last 4 weeks, year 3 have been heading to Primley woods to learn different skills needed to survive in the outdoors. We were taught techniques for den building, foraging and creating fire. Have a look below at us in action!

Chocolate rocks - take 2

This week we have been looking at how Igneous rocks are created. There was only one material to help us learn about this... chocolate! We put a square of chocolate in a piece of tin foil and put it in warm water. We then opened the foil and saw molten lava (melted chocolate). We then left the molten lava to cool where we saw it become hard and a darker colour. We had created Igneous Rock!

Chocolate Rocks

In our Science learning, we have been exploring different types of rock and how they are created. In order to help understand how sedimentary rock is produced, we created chocolate rocks with dark and white chocolate. Grated chocolate represented the different layers of sediment in our rocks which we then compressed together. We then (hopefully) saw some clear layers, much like with real sedimentary rock. Have a look at how they turned out below...

Paignton Lantern Parade

Wrens have been making lanterns for the Paignton Lantern Parade. We used bamboo to make the frames, then covered it in tissue paper and finally painted them with festive designs.

Performance poetry

In our Literacy learning, we have been been focusing on writing poetry and what features you could include to write an effective poem. In conjunction with writing our own, we have also explored performance poetry and how we use our voice and actions to add meaning and grab the audience's attention. Below are some pictures of us in action...

Year 3 open classroom

Thank you for attending our open classroom. The children loved showing you what we have been up to during our learning time from Science experiments to Art and also enjoyed testing your knowledge on the heroes we have been learning about..

Children in need

In order to help raise money for Children in Need, some year 6 students ran a range of activities such as an assault course, an egg and spoon race, guess the name of the bear and many more. We were able to take part in these activities, take a look at us in action... 

Fire Brigade visit


This week we had a fantastic opportunity as Fire Brigade came to school and talked to us about the role they play in the community and how they help to keep us safe. They kindly showed us what they carry in their fire truck and what all of their equipment is used for. Finally, we all had an opportunity to control the horse pipe and explore the different settings that it has. Below are some pictures of the fun we had... 

Balloon Rockets


This week, we conducted an experiment where we used a balloon, cellotape, a straw and different types of string to test the distance a balloon rocket travelled. We discovered that the balloon rocket travelled the furthest on the wire and travelled the least distance on the string. In order to improve our experiment next time, we talked about how we could make our results more accurate. Below is us in action...

Dance this half term

In Dance in Year 3, we have looked at traditional African dance positions and used ideas from these to create our own short dances in groups. We had to ensure that we had strong movements within our dances and included different levels.

Netball Kidz session

This week, we had a fantastic opportunity to have a taste of netball. Netball Kidz came into school to lead a session for our children. The children loved this opportunity where they practiced their throwing, catching and team work skills...

Macmillan coffee morning

We have been learning about the hero Marie Curie and her contributions to helping to fight cancer. We wanted to help in raising money which goes towards the fight against Cancer as well as helping those who are currently experiencing this horrific disease. In order to do this, we organised a coffee afternoon where we brought in cakes and made cakes ourselves. All parents were then welcome to come and have a slice of cake, a cup of squash and give a donation to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity. Below are a few pictures of what we got up too...

How do we move?

This week, we've taken part in some really exciting Science Learning where have been exploring the human skeleton and how our skeleton helps us in everyday life! Through using split pins, cotton wool and elastic bands, we investigated how our joints, muscles and tendons allow us move. Have a look at the photo's below to see how we got on with using these objects in our investigation...

Using Maths resources to partition 3 digit numbers

This week, we have been exploring 3 digit numbers and how we can represent them using a range of Maths resources. From the pictures, you can see the children using diennes on a place value grid to understand the place value of each digit...

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