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Cranes are opportunistic birds that change their diet according to the season. Cranes class demonstrate this when they adapt their learning skills to different topics. Cranes are kind and helpful to others and bring teamwork into all aspects of our school day. However, they can be solitary at times, using independence and resilience when faced with certain challenges.



'Free to be me'

Our learning journey will focus on equality and exploring the rights of people to be treated with fairness and respect. We will explore the issues currently happening in the world and how these have changes through history.

We will also be focus on developing children’s self awareness and personal opinions to allow children to make their own positive decisions and develop independence.




PE days are Tuesday and Friday.

Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit in school all week. We will ensure that they are sent home at the end of each half term.



Home Learning will be set on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday. 



Monday 4th January 2021 - First day of Spring Term

Friday 12th February 2021 - Break up for half term

Monday 22nd February 2021 - Non-pupil day

Tuesday 23rd February 2021 - First day of Spring 2

Monday 22nd March 2021 - Virtual Learning Celebration - On the Class page

Thursday 1st April 2021 - Last day of Spring Term




If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see your teacher (Mr Wingrove) or alternatively please contact the team leader (Mr O'Sullivan).



Christmas Dinner 16/12/2020 

Today we had a fabulous Christmas Dinner in the Cranes Bubble. The children loved how our the hall was set up and seeing all the fabulous decorations. We got to pull crackers and sit with our friends whilst enjoying the turkey and pigs in blankets! Alot of ice-cream has been consumed! Merry Christmas Cranes! 

11/12/2020 Science Learning - Fizzy drinks

This week we have been continuing to learn about how our body stays healthy. As part of this learning we have been exploring why it is important to brush our teeth and the reason we shouldn't eat too much sugar. We have began setting up our own experiment putting egg shells in a fizzy drink and water t see what happens! Stay tuned for the results!  



4.12.20 Geography Learning 

This week we have finished retelling our class story of 'Rocket Mole'. At the end of the story Armstrong learns that things are much better when he has his friends around him and goes on on one final adventure around the world. In Geography, we have been learning about the places Armstrong visits and the different kind of climates that he experienced when he got there. 

Maths Number lines 20/11/2020

This week we have been busy learning about adding and subtracting 10s and 1s. We have been able to do this by using number lines to count fowards and backwards and then progressing on to jumping in tens for bigger calculations. We are really confident now as we are drawing our own numberlines and adding and some people are now jumping in mutliples of 2s and 3s.  

Writing 9/11/20

Check out our writing....As part of our learning about the book 'What if we were all the same?' we have been looking at what we were like as babies and how we were all born different. in Writing, we have been practising using conjunctions (because, and, but, so) to join sentences together and writing about what makes us unique. 

Spanish with Senorita Head 2/10/2020

We have loved our languages learning with our new teacher...Senorita Head. She has been teaching us all about how to say 'holla' and 'adios' as well as teaching us about how to say lots of other greetings. Recently we have been learning how to say colours and playing lots of games with the different colours in the spectrum. We love it that Pedro comes along for lessons too. 

Action Verbs - 25.9.20
This week in Literacy, Cranes have been learning about different word classes. We used adjectives to describe our friends and ourselves. We also took to the playground to find out about action verbs and writing sentences with adverbs! These are some of the things we like to do when we get home from school. 

Science - Healthy Bodies 19/09/20

As part of our learning about keeping the body healthy. Today we explored the spread of germs on our hands in Science. We sprayed 'Glitterbug' potion on our hands and then watched as the potion turned invisible. Then we were able to see it under a special torch. Once we could see all the germs we then rinsed our hands and found that the pretend germs didn’t come off. We have learnt why it is very important to give hands a thorough clean!

Maths Learning From Our First Week Back - 11.09.20

We have had a great first week learning about number values in numbers from 0-50. We have been remembering how to count forwards and backwards and also learning how to represent numbers using Maths equipment. We have learnt two new words to describe numbers - tens and ones. We can now use this language to identify how big a number is. 





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