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Buzzards are beautiful, graceful and strong birds of prey. They have to find their own food by hunting, so they constantly have to learn where food can be found and how they can get it. Buzzards learn every day in the same way we do.  Buzzards have fantastic looking and listening skills. These skills are as important to us in our learning as they are to Buzzards in their daily life.



'Free to be me...'

This term Year 1 are learning about the similarities and differences between each other and how we can be free to be who we want to be. Our class texts 'Amazing' and 'Beegu' will be used to help highlight how to show acceptance of one another and how to think positively about ourselves.



P.E Days are Tuesday's and Friday's. Please ensure that your child has the correct kit in school all week. We will ensure that they are sent home at the end of every half term.



Home Learning will be handed out on a Friday and collected in on a Wednesday. This will give you the opportunity to explore aspects of your child's learning if you wish.



Monday 7th September - First day of Autumn Term 

Friday 25th September - Whole School Individual Photos

Thursday 1st October - Black History Month 

Monday 5th October - Parents' evening 

Thursday 8th October - Parents' evening 

Friday 23rd October - Break up for Half Term

Monday 2nd November - Non-Pupil Day 

Tuesday 3rd November - Children back 

Monday 16th November - Anti-Bullying Week

Thursday 3rd December - Reports Out 

Thursday 10th December - Human Rights Day

Friday 18th December - Break up For Christmas



Meet the Team 

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact your teacher (Mrs Proctor) or alternatively please contact a team leader (Mr O'Sullivan or Mrs Jarrett).





Autumn TERM


Autumn term curriculum map

Thursday 22nd October 2020- Spanish lesson numbers and colours.

We have Spanish once a week and the children thoroughly enjoy joining in with the fun learning activities Mrs Head does with them! 

So far we have learned the Spanish for; good morning/afternoon/evening, how to say our name, how we feel, some types of food, colours and numbers up to 10.

In this week's lesson we learned a song and recapped how to count to 10 in Spanish.

Here are a couple of phrases we now know;

Como te llamas? (pronounced commoh tay yammas)- this means what is your name.

Que tal? (sounds like kettle!) - this means how are you?

Wednesday 14th October 2020 - Handwriting

This week in our handwriting we have been practising our Long Ladder Letters 'u' 'y' and 'j'. We practised them each day on our whiteboards. Take a look at our amazing letter formation!

Friday 9th October 2020 - PE

Today in our PE lesson with Mr Leaman were were working on developing our teamwork skills. We took it in turns to move the beanbags or balls from one hoop to the other. We worked out that the beanbags could be dropped in the hoops, but the balls had to be put down carefully or they would roll away. 

Tuesday 29th September 2020- Writing

This week, we had an exciting incident on our playground!

An alien crash landed and we had to search around the outdoor area for clues as to its whereabouts. This was to help 'hook' the children into their new writing journey studying the story of Beegu.

We also received a letter from the 'Secret Alien Police Force' asking us to write them a letter explaining what we thought the alien looked like and were it might be. In class we acted out the story of Beegu to show a clear understanding of the beginning, middle and end of a story.

Monday 21st September- Learning Journey: I am Amazing

For our learning this week, we have been thinking about what we are amazing at in school. We then went into our continuous provision activities to show our fabulous learning skills.  We have made an amazing display of our writing and pictures of us doing what we are amazing at. We found out that Buzzards class are amazing at all kinds of things including Maths, Writing and different sporting activities. Check out our amazing display below!


Wednesday 16th September 2020 - Science

This week, we have been looking at the materials that everyday objects are made from. We identified metal,wood, plastic and fabric. We have also had lots of fun sorting materials outside and creating structures from plastic only or wood only. See the pictures below!

Monday 7th September 2020 - First day

Wow, what an amazing day we have all had in Year 1 today. Everyone settled back into school really well. I am so proud of you all, Well done. 

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