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The Brambling can be found most commonly in the British Isles during the cold winter months, the rest of the year it explores other regions of the world. They travel in large groups (usually in the thousands!) and we will take this characteristic of this bird and use it in our classroom to ensure that there is a sense of teamwork to encourage all children to work together and support each other in their learning journey!





The theme for the Summer term is 'Be Curious...'. This will be a whole school focus and will give us plenty of opportunities to learn collaboratively across classes and key stages. We will begin our learning by asking the children what they are curious to learn about. We will be learning about plants and animals. We are growing our own sunflowers. We will see who will grow the tallest one! Which class will win the challenge?


For more information on our curriculum please look at our ''Summer Term Curriculum Plan' below. 

Welcome to Year 1

The class teacher for this year is Mrs Nicolette Dann and the Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Rebecca Varney.


P.E. days: Wednesday and Thursday.

Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school all week. We will ensure they are sent home at the end of every half term.


Home Learning: Handed out on Friday and collected in on Wednesday. This will give you the opportunity to explore aspects of your child's learning, if you wish.


Year 1 and 2 Teaching and Learning Lead: Alison Dowdeswell

Key Stage One Lead: Sarah  Jarrett

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the teacher or alternatively please contact a Team Leader:






Fermoys Visit  - Monday 21st May 2018

Sports Day - Wednesday 6th June 2018

Reach Outdoors school visit -Tuesday 19th June 2018

Whole school Science learning celebration Thursday 28th June 2018 

Parents evening - Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th July 2018

Academic Year 2017-2018

Tuesday 19th June   Reach Outdoors


Today we had a brilliant morning with the team from  Reach Outdoors. We played team games and all the activities were linked to our Science learning about animals. Can you remember how to play the penguin game?

Thursday 7th June - Maths


In Maths we have used the Part Part whole model to solve addition and subtraction calculations. 

Tuesday 15th May - Maths

We had fun using our outdoors for our Numeracy learning. We collected objects from our environment and wrote the number that went with it. A great way to learn our number spellings!

Thursday 10th May - Phonics Afternoon

Bramblings loved showing our families how we learn phonics in Year 1. We then played the games we had made for home learning- a FUN afternoon for all!

Tuesday 8th May 2018 -Science

We had an exciting morning with Mrs Veitch, she came too share her expertise about plants. We planted peas with her and talked about what they need to live and grow. Now we're waiting to see what happens ....!

Tuesday 1st May  Maths - Measuring


Today we used our outside area to measure how far we could jump. We used cubes accurately to measure how far we could jump. Can you remember how long your jump was?

Tuesday 24th April  Maths - Halving


We have been learning about halving this week! 

Can you think of any numbers you can half? 

Monday 23rd April   Art - Primary and Secondary Colours

 We have enjoyed learning about which primary colours we can mix to make secondary colours.


                               red + yellow = ?


                               blue + red = ?


                               yellow + blue = ?


Wassily Kandinsky was a famous abstract painter who loved to use colour and shape in his pictures. We have been inspired to produce our own paintings inspired by Kandinsky's work.

Friday 20th April Handwriting


We are learning to form a diagonal join to an anti clockwise letter. We've been practising in different ways and loved going outside to use chalk. Our challenge is to join all our letters - when we can make all our letters small, neat and joined we will be able to write using a special writing pen!

Thursday 19th April  Science - TEAMWORK!


We played a  team game to remember the different parts of  a flower - roots, stem, leaves, bulb, petals. We discussed the functions of each part. Can you remember which part plants get their food from?



Wednesday 18th April  Maths - DOUBLING


This week we have been doubling numbers!









What double would come next?

When we write our doubles systematically what  pattern can you see?



Tuesday 17th Writing - Easter Recount


We enjoyed writing about our Easter holidays. Buzzards came into see how our writing was going, they were brilliant 'critical friends' and spotted that we were using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, joined up writing adjectives and conjunctions. We enjoyed being 'critical friends' back to Buzzards!

Monday 16.4.18  Science - PLANTS


Bramblings were curious about what plants live in our school surroundings. We went investigating and found daisies, daffodils, lots of trees, dandelions, and even a plant that can sting us - Can you remember which plant that was? We used magnifying glasses to observe the plants closely and discovered plants have veins like us! We the went back to the classroom to investigate further and identified all the parts of a flower.

What plants can you identify in you garden?

Academic Year 2017-2018

Thursday 22nd February 2018 - MONEY!

Mrs Dann gave us a challenge to see how we could sort the money on our tables. We sorted in different ways, some put  all the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p,£1 and £2's into piles some sorted by colour and we even thought about sorting by shape.

Challenge: Can you remember how many 1p's are in a £1?

I can't wait to hear about all the opportunities you've had to pay for shopping this week!

Tuesday 20th February 2018 - 'Junkman' Visit


We had a great assembly watching and listening to the 'Junkman' play amazing music on instruments he had made from recycled items. We then had a chance to form our own class band and had a go playing on our own recycled instruments! 

Have a go at home what can you find to play a beat on?

 Monday 8.1.18 Maths - Capacity Race!

Today we have been learning about capacity, we have used mathematical vocabulary to describe containers that were full, half full, empty. We had a capacity race  which was great fun and made predictions about which container would fill up the fastest. 

Can you remember what prediction means?

Thursday 30.11.2017   Riverford Visit


Today we had a visit from Marie and Andy they showed us lots of different fruit and vegetables. It was lots of fun playing the guessing game! We chopped, grated and peeled the fruit and vegetables to make a rainbow on our plates then enjoyed eating them. We tried tomatoes, red cabbage, apples, pears, lettuce and cucumber it was a great experience learning about healthy eating. 

Can you remember what colour your tongue went when you ate the red cabbage?

Monday 13th November 'Senses Walk'


Bramblings went on a senses walk in our school environment. We heard drums, seagulls, a digger and children playing. We saw trees, leaves, grass, a digger and birds flying in the sky. We felt the grass, rough, bumpy bark, climbing frame and crunchy leaves. We smelt mud, grass, leaves and someone even smelt the pollen in the air!

What senses have you used today?

Thursday 9th November 2017  Shape


We have been learning about 2D and 3D shape. We sorted 3D shapes in different ways and discussed the properties of each shape. How many vertices or corners? How many edges? How many faces?


Can you be a shape detective at home?

Wednesday 18th October 2017 - Dance

In Dance in Year 1, we have been experimenting with how our bodies can move to music. We have used different jumps and turns to produce creative movements. This week, we expressed different feelings through dance, including happy, angry and sad.

Team building     12.10.17

We had a great time using our outdoor learning environment to work with 'Reach Outdoors'. It was a brilliant experience for all of us, we did lots of team building activities allowing us to practise all our school values Teamwork, Leadership and listening carefully to instructions.

Maths  10.10.17

We looked at different ways to partition numbers using the part part whole model. It was fun using the top playground to partition ourselves. We then went back to the classroom to partition bigger numbers and our challenge was to record the calculations. It was fun being able to use the table like a whiteboard to record our work!


Maths - Number bonds to 10   6.10.17

We had a challenge to make number bonds to ten. A number bond is two pairs of numbers that make up a given number.













If you had 2 cubes how many more would you need to make 10?

How many number bonds can you write ?

Letter Formation - 5.10.17

Bramblings have been practising their letter formation in lots of different ways. Writing with paint brushes and water, using magic feathers to write in glitter, forming letters in shaving foam, rainbow writing! Lots of inventive ways to develop our muscle memory. Keep practising at home smiley.

Science - We're Going on a Bug Hunt! 27/09/17

Bramblings were really excited today when we went outside to look for bugs. We found: spiders, slugs, snails, woodlice and worms. Our challenge was to record how many we saw of each bug in a tally chart.

Can you be a bug detective at home?

Phonics - Phonics Workout!    19.9.17

Everyday we do a phonics workout to reinforce the phonemes that we've been learning. We draw a picture of a word with the sound in it, do a one minute challenge to write the grapheme as many times as you can in one minute, Write the alternative graphemes and words with those digraphs and trigraphs in them.


Can you do a phonics workout for the trigraph 'igh' ?

Tuesday 12.9.17 African Necklaces 

Inspired by 'Handa's Surprise' we designed our own African necklaces, we used lots of different patterns in our designs. We found Africa on the globe and enjoyed learning about the Masai tribe who live in Uganda . 

Design and Technology

Maths - Length   11.9.17

We rolled play dough snakes and practised using the correct mathematical language to compare them, longer and shorter.

Can you find things at home that are longer and shorter than you?

Wednesday 6.9.17 - Our First Day In Bramblings!

We had great fun in Bramblings doing French, dance and I.C.T. It was a very busy week learning our new routines but Mrs Dann and Mrs Varney were very impressed with how quickly we settled in!

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