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Book-tastic bookmark competition!

Have a go at creating a bookmark about your favourite book or the book you've recently read and then send it to your class teacher to send off. You may want to look at the document below for some examples. You have a chance of winning a £10 of book voucher for yourself, as well as 10 new books for your school. We look forward to seeing your designs, good luck! 

13/05/20 - PE

The school needs a new football kit and it’s your chance to design it!

There are two options:


  1. Gain some inspiration from the designs on this website: Well done everybody for how well you have done on the previous sports challenges, ihttps://www.discountfootballkits.com/Football_Kits


You can use any of the available colour scheme from any kit manufacturer on the website, (use the same for shirt shorts and socks) and colour your design from it. As long as we can buy it from this site you can use it for inspiration! You may choose one colour or many, stripes or hoops or anything else on the site!

Draw out a kit that consists of shirt, shorts and socks. You can include a goalkeeper’s kit if you wish. Colour it and email it to me, and my favourites will be voted on, with the winning design to be used as closely as possible for the school football kit from next season!


  1. Go wild with any design you please! Draw whatever you wish that makes a cool kit, but be aware the likelihood is we won’t be able to buy it for the school to play in, but have fun designing it!


Get designing!


Mr. Leaman



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