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Thursday 4.03.21

Buenos Dias year 3! This week we are learning about la playa (the beach)! By the end of the lesson you will be able to say 6 new words and recognise some of them in a song. Watch the pre-recorded lesson from señorita Pearson and then watch the song video. At the end you can play noughts and crosses as well as play some fun games on educandy. 

Learn Spanish beach vocabulary with BASHO & FRIENDS - La Playa

Thursday 25.02.21

Hola year 3! This week in Spanish you will be learning how to say the names of 5 sea creatures.  Watch my recorded lesson and when I tell you to, go to the links below. When you have finished watching the lesson you can go on the ‘educandy’ link below, to play some games to practice the new language you have learnt today. Have fun! 

Saying 5 sea creatures

Octopuse Song

Thursday 11.2.21

Join Señorita Pearson this week to learn how to say the seasons in Spanish. Part way through you can pause to watch the video below. For the activities at the end you will need to click on the game link below and if you have a printer you can print the sheet attached to colour the squares the correct colour. Have fun! 

Youtube link


Game link


Thursday 04.02.21

Buenos Dias Year 3.  This week with Señorita Pearson you are going to learn how to say important dates in Spanish and also make a birthday party invitation!  You will need paper and pencil/pen and colours (if you have them) for this lesson.


Thursday 28.01.21

Hola Year 3! This week with Miss Pearson you will learn how to say your birthday in Spanish.  Part way through the lesson you will need to watch the short youtube clip linked to below.  


Cuándo es tu cumpleaños

Thursday 21.01.21

Hola Year 3. ¿Que tal? This week in Spanish with Señorita Pearson you will be learning numbers 1 – 30. During the pre recorded lesson I will ask you to pause and watch two videos (links below), and at the end there is a fun quiz show game to join as well as a worksheet below, if you have a printer. You will also find this week’s vocabulary sheet below for you to look at. Have fun!


Learn to Count from 11 to 20 in Spanish

Counting In Spanish 21-30

Thursday 14.01.21


Hola year 3! This week in Spanish with Miss Pearson, you will be learning how to say the months of the year.  Below is the link to the lesson, as well as a link to the months song on youtube to help you remember them.  There is a fun game of Whack a Mole to do after the lesson, the link is below. For the activity at the end you will need paper (or the template below) and a pencil/pen.  Also you will find a vocabulary sheet for this week, maybe you could have a go at learning the keywords for next week.


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