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Devon Air Ambulance Trust Base2Base Virtual Challenge 2020



This is a virtual 40 mile Base2Base challenge for you to complete in up to 3 weeks, during 1-21 June 2020.

Complete 40 miles, the distance from their Exeter Airbase to their Eaglescott Airbase, either as part of your daily exercise, setting off from home, or you can complete the challenge at home.

You can run, walk, jog, row, cycle or space hopper your way to the finish! The choice is yours dependant on the equipment you have at home for use.


Visit: https://www.daat.org/Event/base2base-virtual-challenge-2020 for full details of how to complete the challenge in the three weeks after half term. Read the details with your parents and carers. Then use the time until then to plan how you may complete the challenge, how you will record your exercise levels and how you can involve as many members of your family as you wish. 


If you register to take part, you have the opportunity to raise money (as I am going to do!) or you can join in for fun. There are certificates to be awarded on completion of the challenge.


Good luck - let me know how you get on when you achieve your certificates!


Mr. Leaman

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