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Monday 25th January 2021

LQ: Can I identify the features of a recipe?



Identify the features of Mary Berry’s cake carrot and walnut cake recipe (linked below). The features to find are listed below.

If you are unable to print the document, you can write the number, corresponding feature and an example of the feature, for example:

1. Title - How to make Mary Berry's carrot and walnut cake with cream cheese icing.



What punctuation has been used to structure the recipe? Why do you think it has been used?


Can you find the features of a recipe?

1 – Title

2 – Timings and portions

3 – Sub-headings

4 – Ingredients list (bullet points)

5 – Diagram or illustration

6 – Imperative verbs

7 – Second person pronouns

8 – Numbered, sequenced steps

9 – Detailed factual information

10 – Adverbs

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