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Mr Beattie's school email address: rbeattie@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk
21.07.20 - Good morning Kestrels
Have a wonderful summer, I will see you all on Monday 7th September to start our Year 4 journey. 

20.07.20 - Good morning Kestrels Today we are going to investigate a question from Mr Beattie "How can I get my Jelly Babies to grow?" The aim of this investigation is to find out if normal water and/or salty water helps Jelly Babies (Or an alternative) to grow.
Watch the video for more information and pause the video at each stage so you can follow along. Below is a photo of Mr Beattie's Jelly Babies in the three cups - remember to leave them for approximately 24 hours. Good luck and have fun! 


Numbers in my world- TEMPLATE

Mr Beattie's - Numbers in my world

10.07.20- Good morning Kestrels! - Thank you all for such a great first week together. I have really enjoyed getting to know you so far and I'm excited to see you all for our second transition session on Thursday afternoon. 
09.07.20 - Good morning Kestrels 
Transition day! I am looking forward to meeting you all later today :) 

Book review template

Mr Beattie's example

08.07.20 - Good morning Kestrels!

YouTube link for drawing tutorials.

Within YouTube, you can search for 'Art for Kids Hub How to draw a cartoon_______ ' and fill in the gap and chances are it will have a tutorial for you. Ask an adult to help you search. 


What are adjectives? BBC Bitesize link to recap adjectives.

07.07.2020 - Good morning Kestrels - Today, I would like you to write a few sentences about the people who you live with. If you are stuck for ideas remember to look at the slide during the video that gives plenty of examples. Have a wonderful day. I can't wait to meet you all on Thursday :) 
Welcome to Year 4! 
Welcome to Year 4. Over the next two weeks, we will get to know each other ready for September! I'm so excited to meet you all and help you on your Year 4 journey. Mr Beattie


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