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Academic Year 2018-2019


Weeks beginning Monday 1st July and Monday 8th July 2019


Week beginning Monday 1st July 2019


What a busy week! On Monday we had a visit from PC Lisa. She told us about the important work Police Officer do to keep people safe and how they can help us. The children enjoyed trying out some of the equipment she uses such as hats and handcuffs.





Thursday was transition day at White Rock. The pre-school children went to visit their new classes and the children who will be joining us in September at Explorers came for a stay and play session. It was great to meet some new friends.


This week our caterpillars finally emerged from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies! We looked after them during the week, feeding them with fruit and flowers. On Friday we released them in to the woodlands. It was sad to see them leave but the children knew they might lay their own eggs and the lifecycle would start again.








Weeks beginning Monday 17th June and Monday 24th June 2019




Week beginning Monday 17th June 2019


This week we have been learning about the dentist and how to look after our teeth. The children have enjoyed using a toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean our set of giant teeth.



On Tuesday we were visited by the Fire Brigade. The children were able to go in the fire engine, learn about the equipment that Firefighters use and even got to have a turn using the fire hose! Everyone had a fantastic time. 





Weeks beginning Monday 3rd June and Monday 10th June


Week Beginning Monday 10th June 2019


This week the children have been learning about Doctors and Nurses and the important job they do caring for us when we are unwell. The children have taken part in role play taking on the roles of doctor or nurse as they bandage their friends, check their heart beat and record x-rays. 




The children have been exploring mark making using different materials. They use their fingers and different tools to make patterns and write their names. 


The children have been checking on our caterpillars everyday to see if they have begun to form their cocoons. They have got much bigger!


Week beginning Monday 3rd June 2019


During the final half term of the year our learning journey is 'People who help us." This week we have been finding out about Firefighters and how they keep us safe. The children have been putting out fires using spray bottles, telling stories about rescuing cats and driving fire engines. 




Weeks beginning Monday 13th May and Monday 20th May 2019


Week beginning Monday 13th May 2019


This week the nursery has been taken over by minibeasts! A giant spider built a web in the garden and the children have been moving under, over and through it. We have been hunting for bugs in the garden and woodlands and then finding out facts about the little creatures we have discovered. The children have been busy creating their own bugs using different materials. 






We have also been excited to see some new animals arrive at White Rock Primary School. The children have been visiting the chicken, guinea pigs and rabbit that arrived this week. 




Week Beginning Tuesday 6th May 2019


Dinosaurs continue to inspire our learning this week. The children have been making their own representations of dinosaurs using shapes in collages and buildings. They have been developing their fine motor skills as they tangle and untangle dinosaurs and draw pictures of their favourite dinosaurs.



Weeks Beginning Tuesday 23rd April and Monday 29th April 2019


Week beginning Tuesday 23rd April 2019


Welcome back after the Easter break and an extra special welcome to our new Explorers starting with us this week.


The children had shown a lot of interest in dinosaurs last half term and we decided to follow this and use dinosaurs as our learning theme for the start of the summer term.


On Tuesday we discovered some bones in the nursery garden and the children quickly decided they must be from a dinosaur. On Wednesday Mrs Barlow told the children that a dinosaur had been spotted in the woodlands (but it had been shooed away and it was safe outside now.) After some investigating 3 dinosaur eggs were found and brought back to the nursery for safe keeping. The children have been checking on them to see when they will hatch!

Weeks Beginning Monday 25th March and Monday 1st April 2019




Weeks beginning Monday 11th March and Monday 18th March


Learning celebration!!!

Mon 18th, Wed 20th and Fri 22nd March 2019

Come along at 2:30PM and hear a Royal story and share the learning activities we have been taking part in this term with your Explorers!

Please sign up for a session in the classroom.


Week beginning Monday 18th March 2019


What a busy week! The children have been very curious about babies as we have lots of new siblings just been born or about to arrive. Some baby dolls arrived in the nursery and the children have been looking after them. There have been lots of nappies changed and bottles prepared. All the children have shown lots of care and concern for our new arrivals.  






On Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons we welcomed our families and friends into share some of our favourite learning activities. The children were fantastic at showing what they had learnt about the Queen and growing over the last term. Thank you to everyone who came to share our learning. 








Week beginning Monday 11th March 2019


This week we have been learning about plants and what they need to grow. The children planted cress seeds and have been busy in our potting area outside between the rain showers. We have listened to stories about plants such as Japser's Beanstalk and The Tiny Seed. 




The children have been keen to explore our new water area outside and have been investigating making pathways for water.



One of our most popular activities this week has been crossing the shape river. The children have sung the song "River, river, cross the river! Can you find the ... shape? The children were great at identifying 2D shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles, circles and pentagons.




Weeks beginning Monday 25th February and Monday 4th March


Week beginning Monday 4th March 2019


This week we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday. Following on from last week's learning we read the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes to find out more about the big bad wolf. The children thought carefully about how they might feel in Mr Wolf and his neighbours positions. Of course we spent Tuesday making and eating pancakes! There was lots of pancake tossing skills demonstrated in our bakery.




On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day! Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes and we shared our favourite books and stories with each other.  



Week beginning Monday 25th February 2019


This week our learning has been based on one of our favourite stories, 'The three little pigs'. The children have had lots of fun retelling the story using small world figures and masks. Our outside space has been transformed in to a building site and the children have been busy building houses made of bricks that can withstand a wolf's huff and puff.




The children have also enjoyed our bakery role play area. There has been lots of communication about our favourite bakes as well as baking our own bread and tasting it for snack.


Weeks beginning Monday 4th February and Monday 11th February 2019


Week beginning Monday 11th February 2019


This week we have been learning about why people celebrate Valentine's Day. We have thought about the people who are special to us and spoke about why they are so important to us. We have created art and even made some cakes to give to the people we love. 




We have been taking part in lots of activities to support our early writing skills. The pompom pick up was very popular this week. 




We have finished the half term by celebrating the Chinese New Year with our friends in Reception. Lots of fun was had building giant dragons, making brightly coloured streamers and using scissors and lots of glue to create lanterns. The children enjoyed sampling some chinese food and watching the Reception children perform to traditional Chinese music. 

Week beginning Monday 4th February 2019


This week we have been learning about the Chinese New Year. We have listened to the story of the Chinese Zodiac, watched lion and dragon dances and had a go at performing our own dances. The children have been busy creating decorations using their 'funky fingers' skills to make the nursery look fantastic.




On Wednesday a frog was spotted in the nursery garden! This captured the children's interest and imagination and we made the most of our woodland areas. The children were keen to find the frog and any friends they might have. We went on a frog hunt, using our eyes and ears to spot signs of frogs.



Some of the children were concerned the frog did not have anywhere to live and suggested we built them a home in the woodlands.




Weeks beginning Monday 21st January and Monday 28th January 2019

Learning Focus


Week Beginning Monday 28th January 2019


This week the children were keen to explore outside during the freezing weather. We discovered ice that had hidden treasure inside! The children worked together to investigate the ice and release the treasure. They used tools to try and break it, poured on hot and cold water and left sonme in the sun. There was lots of discussion about where the ice went and why the trays were full of water. 


Week beginning Monday 21st January 2019


This week we received a letter from a Queen! She asked us if we were enjoying her crown and keeping it safe. The children have been keen to write letters back to her, sealing them in envelopes and posting them in the class post box. There has been lots of fantastic writing happening.





Weeks beginning Monday 7th January and Monday 14th January 2019

Learning Focus

Week beginning Monday 14th January 2019


We have been crown creating crazy this week! The children have enjoyed using a variety of materials to decorate crowns and become Kings and Queens. They haven't forgotten about their friends and families and have personalised crowns for Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, grandma and grandads too!



During key group times we have been practising our listening skills whilst enjoying stories and taking part in discussions with our friends. 


Week beginning Monday 7th January 2019


Happy New Year! We are welcoming everyone back and saying hello to some new Explorers who are joining us this month. 



We are starting our learning this term with a new theme of Kings and Queens. We will be sharing what we know about Royals and looking at some of the things they might wear like crowns and jewels. 

The cold weather has sparked an interest in ice and this has linked with our knowledge of Queens as we use the movie 'Frozen' to inspire our role play and song times. 

Week Beginning 10th December and 17th December


It's Christmas!!


We have been busy little elves over the last two week making Christmas cards and decorations. The children have written letters to Father Christmas, dressed up as elves and been on lots of journeys to on the Christmas train (when it has not been raining). 





Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Christmas Celebration. The children really enjoyed performing the songs they have been learning. We hope everyone had a great time. Please upload any photos you have to Tapestry, we would love to see them.


All of the Explorers team wish you a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2019. 



Week Beginning 3rd December 2018


Week beginning 26th November 2018


This week we have been thinking about Stick Man's family tree and creating our own family trees. We have been thinking about who lives with us and who else is really important to us.



We have also said 'Good Luck' to Miss Glock who starts her maternity leave next week. The children have been busy making her a memory card including all of their thumb prints and we held a surprise party on Thursday morning to wish her all the best.

Week Beginning 19th November 2018 



This week Stick Man moved in to nursery. We made him a family tree so he felt at home, we have listened to his story and been taking part in lots of Stick Man related learning. 



We have created our own Stick Man figures by joining sticks using different materials.



We love sharing things that you have done at home. Please feel free to add pictures to Tapestry and we will share them in the classroom.



Week Beginning 12th November


This week we have been thinking about how we look after ourselves. The children have been teaching Smoky the Dragon puppet how to use the toilet and wash his hands. We have been learning how to wash our hands properly to stop the spread of those pesky germs. 



There has been lots of interest in cars and painting so we combined these in a car paint tracks slope, with a handy car wash at the bottom. 



We will be joining in with the Children In Need Fundraising events on Friday and will learn about the help that Pudsey the Bear gives to children. 

5th-9th November 2018



This week our learning theme has been 'Fireworks and Bonfires'. The children have been talking about firework displays they have seen. We have had lots of opportunity to create firework art using paint and glitter. We made our own firework sounds and used loud and quiet voices. 


The children have been interested in looking after babies and have spent lots of time learning how to bath and dress dolls. 


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