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It's great to see many of you engaging with the online Art Lessons. Don't forget, you don't need to follow the sessions in order, so if you miss one or want to go back to an earlier lesson, you can. Don't forget also to take a picture of your Artwork and email them to me and I'll upload them here. Be sure to put your name on your Artwork if you want others to know it's yours! Even though things are different, we can create Art whenever we like! 

Email your creations to saldredge@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk


Virtual Visits to Art Galleries

Optical Illusions

Henri Mattise and Collage

Juan Miro and Automatic Drawing

Verity has been snapping away on her camera during the past few months. Take a look at her beautiful photographs...

Art - Illustration and Quentin Blake
Art - Session 6 - Impressionism and Claude Monet

Here's some excellent Artwork being done at home. Well done all for continuing to express yourselves...

Year 4- Becky Bettesworth

Year 4 have been using their research skills to find out about local artist, Becky Bettesworth. We evaluated some of Becky's most famous art work and discovered that she creates some of her art digitally using technology. We created our very own Becky Bettesworth inspired art work adopting similar techniques to Becky's art work such as using abstract colours. Furthermore, we have written letters to Becky Bettesworth  to let her know how much we loved researching her art work. It has made us realise how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world with the beach on our doorsteps.  Check out our amazing learning below. 

Art - Session 5

Pop Art and Andy Warhol

Here are some fantastic creations in a Pop Art style.

Art - Session 4

Ancient Egyptian Art

Look at these excellent and creative artworks inspired by the Ancient Egyptians.

Key Stage Two - Outdoor Art

Have a look at these amazing art pieces by some of our Key Stage Two children. They used only materials that could be found outside to create their masterpieces. Why not have a go yourself!

Art Session 3 - Cubism and Picasso

Here are some excellent pieces from our third session!

Art Session 2 - Renaissance Art and Leonardo Da Vinci

Here are some excellent pieces from our second session!

Here is a real favourite of mine . . . 'Milk Carton Clown'. I've seen this technique used brilliantly for many years, it's extremely adaptable so why not have a go!

Here's Niamh and Caitlin Bowden's Clown Masks and a variation on the mask from Jack Simcox. Excellent!

I'm adding a new idea as often as I can for you to try at home, so here's the latest; a 'Toilet Roll Seahorse'. Please try them if you like them and send me a photo of your creation!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso.

Here's another easy Art idea for you to try - a Cardboard Chameleon. Have fun!

Here's the next easy Art idea. Say hello to 'Egg Box Monkey'. This is a little trickier but all you need is an egg box, scissors, tape (any) and glue (any). If you have a go at any of these ideas, email me a photo on:


It's time to make use of those toilet rolls! No. 6 of these easy Art ideas is 'Cardboard Castle'. Make your very own Hogwarts! All you need is glue (any) tape (any) and some household stuff that you've already got...
Here's the 5th easy Art idea for all the homeschool creatives: here's a 'Cardboard Ice Cream'. Simply 'glue' and 'tape' required along with a few goodies from your recycling box.
Toilet Roll Rocket. Here is the 4th idea you can easily create at home. Everyday stuff, no fancy materials. Have a go!

Here's Ben Drake's 3D Rocket - it's out of this world!

Next from the recycling bin, the 'Egg-box Mouse'. All you need is a bit of glue and some other found bits and pieces...

Ok, no excuses, we've all bought far too much pasta . . . lets make good use of it!

Here's Niamh and Caitlin Bowden's Pasta Fish! Fantastic work!

We've all got a few Toilet Roll tubes at the moment . . . here's an Art idea for everyone wanting to get creative at home. Instructions are on 2nd picture. If you have a go email me a photo!

Art Session 1 - Colour and Cave Paintings

Here are some excellent pieces from our first session!

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