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Tuesday 2nd March 2021- LQ: Can I create a 3D paper sculpture?


Today I would like you to have fun with paper, using your hands and fingers  to shape and fold ,and using scissors safety  and with your adult's permission create a very visual piece. 
Sculpture can be any form, but today make it abstract  - so not representing anything.  
Use whatever paper you that are  allowed, either plain or coloured, or colour paper using crayons or felt tips then cut
and twist.
Use your imagination but most importantly, have fun! Mrs Foulkes.


Tuesday 23rd February 2021- Can I create a piece of art showing texture ?


Today I want you to explore texture, man made or natural. On a single sheet of card or paper, collect or create as many different surfaces as you can. Smooth, rough, crinkly, bobbly- you can use paper folding, bark rubbing, foil and paper bag scrunching and perhaps some parts just colour, maybe mix sand with paint or paint over rough cardboard .This piece is a collection so include as many textures as possible and have fun but ALWAYS ask your adult for help and permission to use things... and ALWAYS use scissors safety.



Royal Academy Young Artist's Summer Show 2021

Are you a talented young artist, or do you know someone who is?

Submissions for the Young Artists’ Summer Show are now open:


It’s free to enter, and winning entries will go on show at the Royal Academy as well as in an online exhibition — all you need is to be aged 5–19 and to get your school, college or home school involved. All artworks will be judged by a panel of passionate and award-winning artists and art professionals.

Now in its third year, we’ve been blown away each and every time by the sheer talent, skills and ideas of young people from across the country. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with this year!

The project is generously supported by Robin Hambro, a passionate advocate for the importance of access to art, and the benefits of encouraging the arts, for children and young people.

Submission closes on 26th April 2021

Tuesday 8th February 2021

LQ: Can I create an abstract piece?

A different lesson today, one that hopefully you can have fun with!
Abstract means a piece of art that doesn't have to look like anything, but can represent  something through colour and shape.
Your challenge today is to think of colours that represent Torbay and beyond, in your mind. You can use whatever resources you have- paint, colouring pencils, felt tips or even use collage to represent your local area. Think of how you would use your colours, shapes and angles. Think of the harbours or moors, beaches, towns, and parks, rivers and woodlands. We are very lucky to have such an amazing area to live in!
As ever the most important thing about your Art work is to enjoy it, have fun!


Starlight on Moorland

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

LQ: Can I see show perspective in my south west based Art work?

Today you are focusing for the last time on perspective and starting to look
at the area where we live. I have chosen two pictures that represent these things you can have a go at sketching, painting or drawing and colouring, use whatever resources you have; pencil, pencil crayons or paints.

Notice in the Dartmoor picture, how the pool of water stretches right across the front of the scene from side to side,  yet the tor in the background seems much smaller because it is farther away in the distance.



In the picture of the train notice how the carriages  towards the edge of the picture  again are smaller as the train comes in from that edge  and increases in size as it travels towards you.



Have fun!    Mrs Foulkes



Tuesday 26.01.21- 

LQ: Can I use my perspective skills in a picture?


Good morning from Mrs.Foulkes!

Following on from our last perspective drawing lesson , you should be able to see a similar set up in this picture... the lane disappearing into the horizon, getting narrower the farther into the distance it goes. The trees get smaller too...... 

To check your findings place something that is yours that is quite big, place it away from you at a distance then hold up your thumb and first finger to look between too see how much smaller it appears the farther away you put the object and when you move it closer to you - it appears bigger.

We are lucky to have beautiful parks and coastal scenery around us, how about taking some paper and sketching a scene when you are outside getting fresh air sometime, or use a photo or landscape picture to copy!




Tuesday 19.01.21

Good morning Year 3 from Mrs Foulkes!

Today you are going to create a road and buildings scene using perspective.

First, turn you page landscape. Place a small dot just above the middle of the page - that will be your vanishing point, then LIGHTLY draw lines from that dot to the corners of your page.
These lines can act as a guide for your buildings rooftops and road lines.
In the picture on the left they have also used this guide for the tree tops and pavements.
When objects are further away they get smaller as they disappear into the distance, things closer to you are bigger. Oh and don't forget a background! Have fun!




Tuesday 12.01.21


Good morning Year 3 from Mrs Foulkes,


L.S. Lowry's art work is simple and honest, he painted what he saw. Look at the buildings in this picture , can you create a similar style perhaps of houses around you and notice the 'matchstick people' try to include some of your own. Have fun !



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