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Tuesday 19.01.21

Good morning Year 3 from Mrs Foulkes!

Today you are going to create a road and buildings scene using perspective.

First, turn you page landscape. Place a small dot just above the middle of the page - that will be your vanishing point, then LIGHTLY draw lines from that dot to the corners of your page.
These lines can act as a guide for your buildings rooftops and road lines.
In the picture on the left they have also used this guide for the tree tops and pavements.
When objects are further away they get smaller as they disappear into the distance, things closer to you are bigger. Oh and don't forget a background! Have fun!




Tuesday 12.01.21


Good morning Year 3 from Mrs Foulkes,


L.S. Lowry's art work is simple and honest, he painted what he saw. Look at the buildings in this picture , can you create a similar style perhaps of houses around you and notice the 'matchstick people' try to include some of your own. Have fun !



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