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Hola! Year 2- Welcome to your first online Spanish lesson.

Watch the Spanish lesson below with Señorita Head. Today, we will be learning items you might find in your pencil case in Spanish! We will also be re-capping colours. You will also get a chance to see Pedro in the video today. Fenomenal!


LQ: Can I say and write 6 pencil case items in Spanish?

Follow the link for the Spanish games to practise pencil case items:

After you have watched the video you can complete Activity 1 or Activity 2


Activity 1:

Can you create your own Spanish video with all the pencil case words! For example: find all those pencil case items in your house : pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, pencil sharpener and pencil case and say the words out loud on your video.

I would really like to see your videos, so if you can, ask an adult to film you and send them to me at dhead@whiterockprimaryschool.co.uk



Activity 2: Can you label the pencil case items Spanish.  If you can’t print the document you can draw the pictures! This worksheet is attached below for printing.
Enjoy these Spanish songs.

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