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Wrens maybe small, but their inquisitiveness and perseverance enables them to be highly effective hunters. These cheerful characters are lively and outgoing, and as younger members of the Year 3/4 team, we also bring true determination and resilience to our learning. 

This Terms Theme


This term we will be learning about the Victorians and many different aspects of their lives. This will include looking at workhouses, how the Victorians lived and social inequality. We will look at how the reign of Victoria has impacted our lives in the 21st century.

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P.E & Dance days

P.E. Days are Wednesday and Thursday.

Please ensure that your child has the correct kit in school all week. We will ensure that they are sent home at the end of every half term


Home Learning days

Home Learning will be handed out on a Friday and collected in on a Wednesday. This will give you the opportunity to explore aspects of your child's learning if you wish.


Upcoming Events

Monday 25th March- Year 3 Learning Celebration


Meet The Team

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see your teacher (Miss Johnson) or alternatively please contact a team leader (Miss Durnford, Mrs Sage or Mrs Foster).





Academic Year 2018-2019

Autumn Term Curriculum Map

Picture 1
Picture 1

Wednesday 16th January 2019- Angle Eaters!

This week in Maths we have been learning about angles. We have compared right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. Wrens then looked around the classroom for any 90 degree angles they could see using their angle eater. Have a look at our learning below...

Bikeability - Wednesday 9th January 2019


This week Wrens have been involved in a Bikeabilty Presentation! In Year 3 we will have the opportunity to complete our Level 1 certificate. We will learn all about road safety, how to stay safe on the road and some of the highway code. If you are interested in your child taking part in this please contact the office.

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Thursday 20th December- Learning Celebration and Wildwood @ Escot

What an amazing end to our first full term as Wrens! On Tuesday, we were able to share our learning with our adults at Wrens' Learning Celebration. We were so pleased that so many adults came to see us singing and dancing. 

On Wednesday we went to Wildwood @ Escot where we met some Celts who told us all about life as a Celt. We went on a woodland walk to see the different animals that would have been roaming free during the Roman times, such as Lynx, wolves and boars. We also had a go at different Celtic activities such as wood and metal work and got to look at the houses that Celts would have lived in. We had an absolutely fantastic time!

Wednesday 12th December 2018- Light and Shadow!

This week Wrens have been exploring with light and shadows. We have learnt about how shadows are formed using torches. We also asked scientific questions about light that we want to investigate further. Look at our learning below...

Wednesday 5th December 2018- Features of our Chariots

This week we have started to write our non-chronological reports of our Roman chariots. We have labelled our chariots and have written a paragraph about each of these explaining their function and compared this to chariots in Roman times. Check out our amazing writing below...




Wednesday 28th November 2018- Chariots

This week, Wrens have worked really hard to plan, design and make Roman chariots! First we planned our chariot and then used wooden doweling, thick cardboard, wheels and masking tape to join our chariots together. We had lots of fun making these and we are looking forward to having our chariot race!

Wednesday 21st November 2018: Non-Chronological Reports

This week Wrens have been learning about non-chronological reports. We have learnt about the features of this type of writing and have matched the features to their correct descriptions. This will help us when we come to write our own non-chronological report...


Wednesday 14th November- Anti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti-Bullying Week. Wrens have taken part in lots of discussions and activities about Anti-Bullying and Respect. We have learnt about the word 'Respect' and what this looks like and means in school. See our amazing work below...

Wednesday 7th November 2018- Trading!

In our writing this week, we have been trading in the same way as the Celts did! We traded our animals for other animals and learnt what it would have been like to trade within Celtic settlements. We then learnt about how the Romans traded by using coins...we decided this was a more efficient way of trading! See our amazing trading below...

Wednesday 31st October 2018 - Roman Settlement.

This week Wrens have been looking at Roman settlements. We have explored the different areas within the settlement and have designed and labelled our own. Look at our photos below...

Wrens become Robin Hood!

Wrens had the exciting opportunity of turning into Robin Hood last week! We learnt how to hold a bow, shoot and aim for the target! Look how on target we were with our shots.


Wrens learn about different types of skeletons!

This week, Wrens have learnt about 3 different types of skeletons-




We went outside and found some hidden animals and placed these into the correct groups. Look at our amazing learning below...

White Rock Danceathon!

Wrens really enjoyed our whole school Danceathon last week. We danced to different songs and raised money for our new dance studio!

Adding 100 to a 3 digit number.

This week in Maths we have been using our place value counters, diennes and number lines to add 100 to a 3 digit number. See our amazing learning below...

Roman Skeletons!

This week we have been thinking about the importance of a skeleton and why we we need one. We were very excited by a news report that told us  that archaeologist near Newton Abbot have made a discovery of Roman bones! 

In order to help them put these bones in the right place, we have helped them by creating our own skeletons and labelling the different bones. We have also learnt a song to help us remember this! 

First Day Back at School- Roman Day!

We really enjoyed starting our first day of Year 3 as Romans. During the day, we made and baked traditional Roman honey and ricotta tartlets and enjoyed eating these during our Roman banquet. We also got to design and make our own shields and found out some interesting facts about the life of a Roman. 



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