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As part of our learning about Democracy, and in preparation for Local Government week next week, we were very lucky to have the local MP Kevin Foster visit us and talk to us about his role as an MP. We wanted to know lots of things about him such as had he always wanted to be an MP, what it was like inside the Houses of Parliament and if he agreed with the Brexit decision? It was great to hear about Kevin's life - hopefully it has inspired some of our children to take up a career in politics! 

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Democracy in Year and 4

During our Year 3 and 4 assemblies, we have been focusing on democracy. We have investigated what it is like to live in a democratic society and considered what life would be like if we didn't. In light of the General Election on Thursday 8th June, today we held our own election. We had to vote for which story we wanted to read. After listening really carefully to the arguments for and against both stories, we voted on our own ballot papers by  placing a cross against which story we thought we would like. The verdict.....we'll have to wait until the votes are counted!

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