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Peripatetic Music Lessons

Why learn a musical instrument?

There are many benefits to learning musical instruments:

  • Memory capacity is increased
  • Perseverance skills improve
  • Coordination skills improve
  • Self expression is fostered
  • A sense of self achievement is increased 

What instruments do our peripatetic teachers teach?

Steven Sowden - Guitar - Contact number 07715 546 560 or email stevesowden.music@gmail.com 

Tracey Birt- Piano and Keyboard. Contact number 01803 845201 or email tracykb@hotmail.co.uk

Matt Butlin- Drums. Contact number 07855 140552 or email mpbutlin@hotmail.com

Scott Mcgowan- Guitar. Contact number 07817 000529

Steve Wiltshire- Woodwind instruments including flute and clarinet. Contact number 07968 599347 or email s.sax@hotmail.com




If you would like you child to learn an instrument please contact the music teacher directly and they will arrange for them to have a lesson during school time.




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