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Year 3 Robins


Robins are cheerful and friendly birds, well known for their distinctive colouring and beautiful song. These colourful characters are lively and outgoing, and will brighten anyone's day. Although small in stature, they are daring and adventurous, and use their inquisitive nature to innovate and problem solve. 


As younger members of the year 3/4 team, Robins use these skills to work together harmoniously and set their sights high on soaring in the sky.

The class teacher in Robins is Mr Shaun Wingrove. The Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Pateman and Mrs Netherway.


PE days: PE kits are required to be left in school from Wednesday and Thursday. The kit consists of a white t-shirt, blue shorts and trainers / plimsolls. During winter months, it is suggested that children are provided with a tracksuit. All items of PE kit should be labelled with the child's name and class.


Home Learning:  Will be given out on a Friday to be collected the following Wednesday. 


Team Leader: 

Year 3 and 4 Teaching and Learning Lead: Miss Sarah Durnford

Key Stage 2 Lead: Mrs Leanne Foster

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the class teacher (Mr Wingrove) or contact

swingrove@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk or alternatively a team leader:





Upcoming Events 

Tuesday 21st November: Year 3 and 4 Learning Celebration 2.45pm - 3.15pm


Academic Year 2017-2018

Picture 1
Picture 1

Making Rocks

As part of our learning on rocks we have been making sedimentry, igneous and metamorphic rocks out of chocolate! We have learnt how to tell these rock apart from one another and how they are made in different conditions. We are now moving on to exploring fossils. 

Making Rocks

Making Rocks  1
Making Rocks  2
Making Rocks  3
Making Rocks  4
Making Rocks  5
Making Rocks  6
Making Rocks  7

Primley Woods

We have had a fantastic time with the Reach Outdoors team where we have been learning about outdoor survival. We have built shelters, lit fires and even learned how to hunt. Watch out Bear Grylls!

'Do all Heroes wear Capes?' Learning Celebration

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Thanks to everyone who attended the learning celebration. It was great to see so many people looking through books and talking to the children about their achievements this term. The class are looking forward to performing again for you at the Christmas Market..

Fire Brigade visit

This week we had a fantastic opportunity as Fire Brigade came to school and talked to us about the role they play in the community and how they help to keep us safe. They kindly showed us what they carry in their fire truck and what all of their equipment is used for. Finally, we all had an opportunity to control the horse pipe and explore the different settings that it has. Below are some pictures of the fun we had... 

Fire Brigade Visit

Fire Brigade Visit 1
Fire Brigade Visit 2
Fire Brigade Visit 3
Fire Brigade Visit 4
Fire Brigade Visit 5
Fire Brigade Visit 6
Fire Brigade Visit 7
Fire Brigade Visit 8
Fire Brigade Visit 9
Fire Brigade Visit 10
Fire Brigade Visit 11
Fire Brigade Visit 12
Fire Brigade Visit 13
Fire Brigade Visit 14
Fire Brigade Visit 15
Fire Brigade Visit 16
Fire Brigade Visit 17
Fire Brigade Visit 18
Fire Brigade Visit 19
Fire Brigade Visit 20
Fire Brigade Visit 21
Fire Brigade Visit 22
Fire Brigade Visit 23
Fire Brigade Visit 24
Fire Brigade Visit 25
Fire Brigade Visit 26
Fire Brigade Visit 27
Fire Brigade Visit 28
Fire Brigade Visit 29
Fire Brigade Visit 30
Fire Brigade Visit 31
Fire Brigade Visit 32
Fire Brigade Visit 33
Fire Brigade Visit 34
Fire Brigade Visit 35
Fire Brigade Visit 36
Fire Brigade Visit 37
Fire Brigade Visit 38
Fire Brigade Visit 39
Fire Brigade Visit 40
Fire Brigade Visit 41
Fire Brigade Visit 42
Fire Brigade Visit 43
Fire Brigade Visit 44
Fire Brigade Visit 45


This week we have been learning about Forces. We started this topic by experimenting with 'balloon rockets'. We fired balloons across different materials to see which one travelled the furthest. We also learnt about making our results as accurate as possible.


Science_Forces  1
Science_Forces  2
Science_Forces  3
Science_Forces  4
Science_Forces  5
Science_Forces  6
Science_Forces  7
Science_Forces  8

Dance this half term

In Dance in Year 3, we have looked at traditional African dance positions and used ideas from these to create our own short dances in groups. We had to ensure that we had strong movements within our dances and included different levels.

Netball Kidz session

This week, we had a fantastic opportunity to have a taste of netball. Netball Kidz came into school to lead a session for our children. The children loved this opportunity where they practiced their throwing, catching and team work skills...

Macmillan coffee morning

We have been learning about the hero Marie Curie and her contributions to helping to fight cancer. We wanted to help in raising money which goes towards the fight against Cancer as well as helping those who are currently experiencing this horrific disease. In order to do this, we organised a coffee afternoon where we brought in cakes and made cakes ourselves. All parents were then welcome to come and have a slice of cake, a cup of squash and give a donation to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity. Below are a few pictures of what we got up too...

Science - Human Body 

Recently we have been learning about Marie Curie. We looked Marie and how she performed the first x-ray. This prompted us to learn about the Human Body. We made our own models of the leg looking at how the leg moves. We used elastic bands to represent tendons and cotton wool to show the muscles


Science - The Human Body

Science - The Human Body  1
Science - The Human Body  2
Science - The Human Body  3
Science - The Human Body  4
Science - The Human Body  5
Science - The Human Body  6
Science - The Human Body  7
Science - The Human Body  8
Science - The Human Body  9
Science - The Human Body  10
Science - The Human Body  11
Science - The Human Body  12
Science - The Human Body  13
Science - The Human Body  14
Science - The Human Body  15
Science - The Human Body  16
Science - The Human Body  17
Science - The Human Body  18
Science - The Human Body  19

Maths Learning

This week, we have been exploring 3 digit numbers and how we can represent them using a range of Maths resources. From the pictures, you can see the children using dienes on a place value grid to understand the place value of each digit...

Maths Place Value