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Year 3 Robins


Robins are cheerful and friendly birds, well known for their distinctive colouring and beautiful song. These colourful characters are lively and outgoing, and will brighten anyone's day. Although small in stature, they are daring and adventurous, and use their inquisitive nature to innovate and problem solve. 


As younger members of the year 3/4 team, Robins use these skills to work together harmoniously and set their sights high on soaring in the sky.

The class teacher in Robins is Miss Sarah Durnford. 


PE days: PE kits are required to be left in school from Monday to Friday. The kit consists of a white t-shirt, blue shorts and trainers / plimsolls. During winter months, it is suggested that children are provided with a tracksuit. All items of PE kit should be labelled with the child's name and class.


Home Learning:  Will be given out on a Friday to be collected the following Wednesday. 


Team Leader: 

Year 3 and 4 Teaching and Learning Lead: Mrs Leanne Foster

Key Stage 2 Lead: Mrs Sarah Jarrett

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the class teacher (Miss Durnford) or contact

sdurnford@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk or alternatively a team leader:




Upcoming Events 


Friday 26th May 2017Last day of Half Term

Monday 5th June 2017: First day of 2nd Half Term

Tuesday 4th July 2017: Learning Celebration


Academic Year 2016-2017

Picture 1

Three Little Birds

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In our music lessons this week we learned the lyrics to Bob Marley's Three Little Birds. We also played different games to find the pitch, tempo and rhythm of the song. Next week we will be adding instruments so check back to find out how we got on!
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Robins have started learning French. So far we have learned the phrases below. Why not ask us what they mean?


Je m'appelle...

Comment tu t'appelles?

Au revoir

Quel âge as-tu



We also had fun learning 'Deux petits oiseaux'!



Group 1.mp4

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This week we have been learning about perpendicular lines. We went on a perpendicular line hunt in our classroom...


This week we have been working on the school allotment. We have been trying to prepare the land in order to plant fruit and vegetables ready to sell at our farmers' market on 4th July. The children got their hands dirty, digging up weeds and planting strawberry plants!

Farmers Market

This week we have started our learning about local produce. We have written letters to Mrs Tomkinson to ask her permission to hold a farmers market. We used formal language (because she is very important!). We then wrote to Mr Wingrove to ask him for equipment to improve the allotment, ready for us to grow our vegetables. We used a Greater Depth piece of writing to help us think about the structure and layout of our letters. Have a look at what we did below...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1


In Science we have been learning about friction. We pushed a toy car ramp down a ramp to find out which material created the most friction plastic, sand, tin foil or a towel.

Survival in the woods

This week Robins had our final Bushcraft experience at Primley woods. We were 'stranded' in the woods and had to set up shelter, build a fire and cook food by the time the huge storm arrived...check out our photos to see if we made it!

Red Nose Day

We helped to raise money for Red Nose Day by having wacky hair and participating in different activities. Have a look at the photos to see what we got up to.


Robins had their first experience of bushcraft at Primley woods today. First of all we found out about the most important things for survival - food, shelter and and warmth. We were then split up into 3 different groups. One group went on a foraging walk looking for different items to help survive in the forest, one group learned how to build an effective shelter using branches and the final group learned how to build a fire. We had an amazing time and can't wait until we go again next Thursday!

Roman Day

Robins started our learning about Romans with a spectacular Roman Day! We all dressed up in our finest Roman outfits whilst experiencing many different activities. We started the day by making Roman shields. Did you know that the Roman army used animals names for their formations? After that, we made traditional cheese and honey tarts as well as choreographing dance routines for our afternoon banquet. We even lounged whilst eating - just like the Romans! Have a look at the pictures below to see how we got on.

Robins visit a Stone Age village


This week Robins went to Camp Wild at Escot to visit a real life Stone Age village (there is a link to their website below). We also went into the woodland area and built our very own life sized houses from sticks and leaves, just like people in the Stone Age! After that we visited a blacksmith and carpenter who showed us how to use tools from different periods in time. Finally we went on a foraging hunt around the grounds where we met 2 Lynx brothers and fed some wild boars! Have a look at the photographs below...

Stone Age Reports

Robins have been writing non-chronological reports about the Stone Age. To do this we designed our own settlement and found out what people needed to survive the Stone Age, we constructed our own Stone Age houses from sticks and made 3D models using straws and plasticine. Finally we made artefacts out of clay to see how they would have been made in the Stone Age. 

This week Robin's went back to the Stone Age! We read a book called Stone Age Boy and rewrote the ending. We thought carefully about our language choices how how to engage our readers. We then took inspiration from the artists of the Stone Age and made our own paint. Cavemen used mud, charcoal, animal fat and saliva to make their paint...we decided to stick with mud and water! Have a look at the photo's below to see how we got on.
Picture 1
Picture 1

Tuesday 29th November 2016 - Dance inspired by the Hot Chocolate scene from Polar Express

Tuesday 29th November 2016 - Dance inspired by the Hot Chocolate scene from Polar Express 1
Tuesday 29th November 2016 - Dance inspired by the Hot Chocolate scene from Polar Express 2
Tuesday 29th November 2016 - Dance inspired by the Hot Chocolate scene from Polar Express 3


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Did you know that in the Arctic Circle there is at least one 24 hour period every summer during which the sun doesn't set? There is also at least one 24 hour period in the winter during which the sun doesn't rise. This week Robins have exploring the effect that light has on shadows. We used torches as an artificial light source and explored what happens when you move objects closer or further away from the light source. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we did...
This week Robins began our learning about the Polar Express. We used parts of the film to write a diary in the past perfect tense including fronted adverbials and descriptive language. To inspire our writing we made hot chocolate and started to create a dance with Mrs Tyson. Here is a link to the Polar Express hot chocolate dance...

Multiplication and division

This week Robins have started a new Maths learning journey. We started by using repeated addition and subtraction and exploring how this links to multiplication and division. We also used arrays to represent our calculations. Have a look at our learning below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Thank you to all the adults who came to our Learning Celebration on Wednesday. It was fantastic to see so many of you and we really enjoyed sharing our learning. 

Tuesday 18th October - Tango

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Year 3 have been learning the Tango, which is a traditional Spanish dance.

Robins Tango 2.MOV

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Robins Tango 3.MOV

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Music Video

We had a great time filming our music video. We used our voices and instruments as an ensemble. Have a look below at us in action.

Pirate Sea Shanties

This week Robin's are becoming pirates! We will be writing a prequel to the Spanish Armada, focusing on what happened the first time Sir Francis Drake met the Spanish ships. We will also be shooting our own pirate themed music video and using musical instruments in an ensemble. Have a look at our rehearsal below... 

Antoni Gaudi

This half term Robins have been learning about the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. He created amazing mosaic designs on buildings and sculptures. We were inspired by Gaudi's love for nature and have designed our own mosaic animals. This week we used clay to create our sculptures and are very excited to paint them next week.

This week we have been using different images to represent our Maths learning. We have looked that the Singapore bar and number lines. We bought and sold our papier mache bulls from last week and represented our calculations on a number line. It was a great opportunity for us to use our Maths skills in a real life situation!

Bull Making and Stuffed Tomatoes 


It has been another busy yet exciting week in Robins class. We have made our own papier mache bulls which we will be using in our Maths learning next week. We started by designing our 'perfect' bull, thinking carefully about the size and which materials would be best. We then created our designs using balloons (which were really hard to blow up!), straws and pipe cleaners. Next we covered our balloons with papier mache and finally painted them so that they look like bulls. 


We also made our own Spanish tapas dish this week - Stuffed Spanish Tomatoes. We all tried them but had mixed opinions on the taste! Some of us were not too keen but Harley had finished his before we could take a photo! Have a look at the photo's below.

Brixham College Sports Festival

Robin's had a great time at Brixham College this week. We tried some new sports such as the 4 minute continuous relay as well as some old favourites like the obstacle course and sprint races. We feel really proud of how quickly we can run and jump. You can see how fast we were through the blurs in the photographs below!

This week Robins have been learning greetings in Spanish. We practised saying the words in Spanish and then matched the written Spanish words to English words so that we could see what they looked like. We found out how to say hello, good morning, good afternoon and good evening amongst others. Have a look at the videos below and try it for yourself...


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Good morning

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Good afternoon

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Good night

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See you soon

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See you tomorrow

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See you later

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Our Learning Journey for this term is 'Soupcon d' Europe' or 'A Taste of Europe. Year 3 will be learning about Spain. This week we have immersed ourselves into Spanish culture. We tasted paella and chorizo, made traditional Spanish fans and found lots of interesting facts such as flamenco is a traditional Spanish dance.

In Maths we have been representing numbers in different ways and using mathematical images to explain the value of 3 digit numbers. Have a look at the photo's below to see exactly what we have been upto.

Academic Year 2015-2016

Year 3 Summer Term Curriculum Plan

Year 3 Summer Term Curriculum Plan 1

Tuesday 5th July

This afternoon, Robins tested which substance was the most permeable out of sand, soil and compost. Each group found soil was the most permeable as it let the most water through the filter paper.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Tuesday 28th June - Goodrington Beach Trip 

Today, we visited Goodrington Beach to investigate different rocks and our local coastline. We collected a variety of objects and then grouped them based on their properties. We then created Sand Art. 

Careers Curriculum - Week Beginning 20th June

Satellite Installation

Sports Day - Thursday 9th June

Parent Lunches- Wednesday 11th May


Year 3 had a fantastic time dining with some of their parents on Wednesday for our Parent Lunch Day! Pupils were able to share this dining experience with siblings throughout the school, along with their friends. The feedback from the children has been incredibly positive, some children even claimed to have tried new food just because their parents were present! Have a look below to see the moments we captured.

Tuesday 3rd May 2016 - Waste Workshop

As part of our Pondlife theme, we had a workshop today where we learned about composting and planting seeds. We learned about what we can do recycle food waste and how the compost cycle works. We searched through compost to find the insects and animals that help in the process, along with other fun activities.

Thursday 28th April - We used drama to demonstrate our understanding of the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Thursday 21st April - Robins Tri Golf afternoon at BCC

Week Beginning 18th April - 'A day in the life of a White Rock bird'

Year 3 have been imagining what it would be like to be a bird in the grounds of White Rock Primary School. We went outside to observe what we could see, hear, smell and feel. We also tried to imagine what might be tasted. We are now using this to a write a story of 'A day in the life of a White Rock bird'.

Year 3 Spring Term Curriculum Plan

Year 3 Spring Term Curriculum Plan 1

Monday 14th March - Using Smarties to create a pictogram and find fractions of a whole

Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th March - Year 3 and 4 Final Preparations for the Learning Celebration

Tuesday 1st March- Fractions using Numicon

In Maths, we have been investigating fractions of shapes using Numicon. We made rectangles using our Numicon and then worked out the fraction for each colour. To find the denominator, we counted the number of holes in whole shape and to find the numerator we counted the number of holes in that colour. We also used Numicon in a Maths game to make number bonds to ten or twenty.

Our Trip to the Life Education Van 

On Monday 29th February Robins had an exciting visit to the Life Education Van, where we learnt all about our organs, what our body needs and how to keep our bodies healthy. In our lesson, we focused on the brain and how alcohol or nicotine can slow down our reactions and change our behaviour. We also talked about how to keep our bodies healthy through exercise.

Wednesday 24th February 2016 - Learning Celebration Rehearsals.

Today saw the beginning of rehearsals Year 3 and 4's part of our amazing Learning Celebration at the end of term. All the children have come together to learn a dance piece inspired by Matthew Bourne's 'Swan Lake'. As you can see from the pictures, it's an impressive feat! 

Thursday 11th February - Our final Paddleboat Theatre session where we performed to Kingfishers.

Thursday 11th February- House Charity Day

On Thursday 11th February, the whole school was involved in a number of house activities set up and organised by the House Captains. 


Our Trip to Aldi Supermarket and Making our Fruit Salads

On Wednesday 10th February we visited Aldi Supermarket to buy ingredients for our fruit salad. We worked in groups of 5 or 6, with each group in charge of buying one product for our fruit salad. Before we left school, we had to work out how many of each item we would need for the whole class. When we were at Aldi, we used our mental maths to work out the price of our items and how much change we would have when we paid for the items. 

After buying our fruit from Aldi, we planned our fruit salad and method. We peeled and chopped our apples, oranges, bananas and grapes and added our blueberries. After that, we mixed our ingredients together and topped them with fruit juice, either apple and orange. We really enjoyed our fruit salad!

Year 3/4 Dance

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at Matthew Bourne's all male Swan Lake and have used this to create small group pieces. To begin with, the children looked at stills of the dance and identified that they were strong and masculine portrayals of swans. In their groups, they created positions, then they used travelling movements displayed in the ballet to link them. Over the next few weeks, we will start to look at other dance styles that are now a part of our British culture.

Monday 11th January - Our Performance Poetry using 'We are Britain' by Benjamin Zephaniah.

Monday 11th January - Our Performance Poetry using 'We are Britain' by Benjamin Zephaniah. 1
Monday 11th January - Our Performance Poetry using 'We are Britain' by Benjamin Zephaniah. 2
Monday 11th January - Our Performance Poetry using 'We are Britain' by Benjamin Zephaniah. 3
Monday 11th January - Our Performance Poetry using 'We are Britain' by Benjamin Zephaniah. 4

This half term, Year 3 have Paddleboat Theatre Company working with us every Thursday afternoon. We have been learning about Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, finding out about famous Great Britons and about how the Romans lived and how they have impacted on Britain today.

Year 3 Autumn Term Curriculum Plan

Year 3 Autumn Term Curriculum Plan 1

Thursday 17th December - Year 3/4 Christmas Carol Singing

Thursday 17th December - Year 3/4 Christmas Carol Singing 1
Thursday 17th December - Year 3/4 Christmas Carol Singing 2


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Robins had a fantastic afternoon on Thursday 10th December at CFGS for the Sports Partnership Badminton Festival.

Monday 23rd November- ROBOT ARMY!

In Art and Design, we have been looking at the work of Eric Joyner and Clayton Bailey. We  have used their work as inspiration, alongside the Iron Man text, to design and make our own clay robots. 

Monday 23rd November - We have been practising our robot dance this morning.

School Visit to @Bristol - 17th November 2015


Wow! What an incredible day. The whole of Key Stage 2 have had a fantastic experience visiting @Bristol Science Centre. They have been able to experience practical science linked to all of the science curriculum across Key Stage 2, as well as having fun learning and practising real science that is part of the world around them.

Drumbots! 3rd November 2015.

Year 3 and 4 had a very special visitor today: Mr. Wright from Wonderstruck Productions who presented his incredible Science show in the morning. The Children saw first hand the incredible scientific principles such as Forces,  Centre of gravity/mass, Movements & torque and Simple circuits. It was an explosive time in the hall!

Also, as part of their ongoing Robots theme, the children built their own Drumbots - Rolling robots that can tumble over obstacles and tackle slopes. They move by constantly rotating a counterweight, shifting the centre of gravity forward and causing them to roll. Teams built prototypes and modified their Drumbots by making it bigger, changing the speed of the motor and adjusting the size and position of the counterweight.  This workshop also covered aspects of experimental data collection and processing (taking multiple readings, averaging, fair tests etc) and more holistic skills such as team work, communication, practical building and investigation.

Year 3/4 Robot Bake Off!

On Thursday 15th October, Years 3 and 4 launched their Robot Bake Sale. This was as a result of a week-long Design and Technology Project during which the children created, designed, produced and evaluated Robot Biscuits for sale. The proceeds of this will go towards funding an interactive Robot Workshop after half-term, which we're all extremely excited about...

Year 3/4 Trip to Aldi Supermarket

On Tuesday 13th October, children from Years 3 and 4 visited Aldi to use money in a real life context. There was lots of Maths learning during this trip, including calculating how many of each item we needed for our recipe and estimating the total cost before going to the checkout. The children also had to ensure they gave the lady on the checkout the correct amount of money and check they were given the correct change as well.

As part of our theme on Robots, we have been dancing like Robots.

During the week of 5th October, we have been using apparatus to help us to add and subtract up to three digit numbers.

During the week of 5th October, we have been using apparatus to help us to add and subtract up to three digit numbers. 1
During the week of 5th October, we have been using apparatus to help us to add and subtract up to three digit numbers. 2
During the week of 5th October, we have been using apparatus to help us to add and subtract up to three digit numbers. 3

This week (week beginning 28th September) we have been using drama to portray the feelings of some of the characters from our class book The Iron Man.

On Tuesday 22nd September, we discovered giant footprints on the new path at school. We decided to measure their perimeter using string. When we got back to the classroom, we lay our string out and measured the perimeter using metre sticks.

Stover Trip - 10th September 2015


On Thursday 10th September, Years 3 and 4 went to Stover Park. We used the experience to immerse ourselves in the environment and take inspiration from our surroundings. We produced environmental art, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, and used materials found on site to build animal shelters and evaluated their effectiveness. The Ted Hughes Poetry Trail provided lots of inspiration for our writing work and we used our senses to plan fantastic writing ideas to use when we are back in school next week.