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Year 2 Cranes

Cranes are opportunistic birds that change their diet according to the season. Cranes class demonstrate this when they adapt their learning skills to different topics. Cranes are kind and helpful to others and bring teamwork into all aspects of our school day. However, they can be solitary at times, using independence and resilience when faced with certain challenges.

This term we are focusing on the wider world around us and what it means to be a hero. We will be creating our own heroes and discussing what makes each and everyone one of us a hero. We will also be looking at the News and at the amazing people making a change across the globe. Finally we will be learning about space and the first astronauts to go to the moon.

WELCOME TO Y2 Cranes Class


The class teacher for this year is Miss Mariana Clohessy and the LSAs who work in this class are; Mrs Jones and Mrs Burgess.


PE days:

Our PE days in Cranes are Tuesday and Wednesday, please make sure children's PE kit are available at all times. We will ensure they are sent home at the end of every half term.  


Home Learning:

Handed out on a Friday and in on a Wednesday. This will give you the opportunity to explore your child's learning if you wish.


Team Leader:

Year 1 and 2 Teaching and Learning Lead: Alison Dowdeswell

Key Stage 1 Lead - Sarah Jarrett



If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the teacher (Miss Mariana Clohessy) or contact mclohessy@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk .  Alternatively please contact a team leader:






Upcoming Events


Week beginning 11th September - Fitness week

Saturday 16th September 2017: Festival of Learning

Friday 29th September 2017:  Coffee morning in aid of Cancer Research

Wednesday 11th October: Open classroom from 2:45pm (REARRANGED FOR NEXT HALF TERM. Sorry for any inconvenience) 

Academic Year 2017-2018

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Tuesday 17th October 2017 - Dance

In Dance in Year 2, we have been creating a dance around going into space. We created rockets in groups that took off and landed on our own planet. When arriving on the planet, we turned into aliens and then had to use our bodies to hide.

Part, Part, Whole - Monday 16th October 2017


This week in Cranes we have been using the 'Part, part, whole' method to help us add and subtract two-digit numbers. We have learnt that when we add we always start with the 'parts' to find the 'whole'. However, when we subtract, we start with the whole and only one of the parts! Have a look at our fab investigating skills below. 

Fact or Opinion - Wednesday 11th October 2017


Today we found out lots of facts about dinosaurs. We then came across a sentence that said 'Dinosaurs are scary.' This led to a great discussion on whether a sentence is a fact or an opinion. We then had the challenge of writing our own dinosaurs facts and opinions. 

Counting Money - Monday 9th October 2017


Today in Cranes e have been using money to make amounts of money! We have been using our MacMillian Bake Sale to put our learning into a context! We have learnt that there are 100 pennies in a pound and that bronze coins are worth less than silver ones! Have a look below at the Cranes Bank!

Eat Cake for MacMillian - Friday 6th October 2017


This term we have been learning about what it means to be a hero. We chose MacMillian as our 'hero' charity as they provide lots of support for people around the country. Year 2 have been busy making cakes, bunting and creating games all in aid of our MacMillian heros! Have a look below at our delicious cakes! A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who came to support our cause!


Gathering and recording data over time! Wednesday 4th October 2017


We have been thinking about change and how we change over time. We were investigating different ways of testing how our height changes and how we can record this. Today was a great day of experimenting and measuring! Let's see what results we get each half term!

Coffee and Cake Preparation -  Wb Monday 2nd October 2017

Diagrams - Scientific drawings with labels - Friday 29th September 2017


This week Cranes have been focusing on the features of a non-fiction text. We have written our own captions and even put a non-fiction page back together. Today we have been looking a diagrams with a non-fiction text and even drew our own. Have a look below at our exciting labeling. 

Tally for Cancer! - Thursday 28th September 2017


Today in Cranes we wanted to find out the most popular cake to make for our upcoming 'Macmillian Coffee and Cake' event. We learnt the meaning of the word 'data' and tallied up our favourite cake in class. Have a look below to see what we found out!

Animals and their habitats! Wednesday 13th September 2017


Today Cranes have continued looking at animals and their habitats. We have discussed many different habitats such as polar, aquatic, woodland and the desert. We grouped animals into their habitats and talked about why each habitat suited that animal. Have a look below at our great Science learning!

Habitat Hunters - Tuesday 12th September 2017


This week in Cranes we have been discovering our local habitats! We went onto our field to see what animals we could find! We discovered spiders, beetles, worms and slugs! Have a look at our exciting learning below.

Lean in 15 - The Body Coach Fitness Week - Wb Monday 11th September 2017


This week Year 2 will be participating in The Body Coaches 'Fitness Week'. We will be completing a HIIT (High intensity, interval training) throughout the week. We will be discussing why it is important to keep our bodies and mind healthy so we can become our own ultimate heroes. Have a look below at our squats, high knees and burpees! 

Representing a number - Friday 8th September


This week in Maths, Cranes have been looking at the value of two-digit numbers. We have been learning to use the language 'tens' and 'ones' when describing a number. We have been using lots of different resources to represent our numbers. Have a look at us in action below!

Story Planning - Thursday 7th September


This week in our writing sessions we have been planning a story based on one we have read. We have chopped the story up into sessions and changed parts of the story to make it our own. Be sure to look out for our finished stories next week!

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