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Year 2 Cormorants

Cormorants are medium sized coastal birds who thrive in their environment by working in teams, just like one of our school values, teamwork. Cormorants can often be found diving in to the water simultaneously. Just like the bird, in Cormorants class we can be found diving into our learning together and using our skills in teamwork to thrive successfully together.


The theme for the Summer Term is 'From the Moors to the Sea'. This will be a whole school school focus and give us plenty of opportunities to learn collaboratively across classes and key stages. Key Stage 1 will be researching local landmarks and exploring geographical locations in Devon. This theme will include map reading and orienteering tasks to engage the children with the local environment. The children will be exploring materials and finding the best material for a purpose. This will provide opportunities for designing and creating objects based on our theme.  



The class teacher for this year is Mr Shaun Wingrove and the LSAs who work in this class are; Miss Wilson, Mrs Stride and Mrs Pearson. 


P.E. days: Wednesday and Thursday

Our PE days in Cormorants are Wednesday and Friday, please make sure children's PE kit are available at all times. We will ensure they are sent home at the end of every half term.  


Home Learning: 

Handed out on a Friday and in on a Wednesday. This will give you the opportunity to explore your child's learning if you wish.


Team Leader:

Year 1 and 2 Teaching and Learning Lead: Alison Dowdeswell 

Key Stage 1 Lead: Nicky Howard. 


If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the teacher (Mr Wingrove) or contact

swingrove@white-rock-primary.torbay.sch.uk or alternatively a team leader:




Upcoming Events


W.C 18th May - Year 2 End of Year Assessments 

Summer Term Curriculum Plan

Summer Term Curriculum Plan 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

W.C.18/04/17 Science - Sorting Materials

W.C.18/04/17 Science - Sorting Materials  1
W.C.18/04/17 Science - Sorting Materials  2
W.C.18/04/17 Science - Sorting Materials  3
W.C.18/04/17 Science - Sorting Materials  4
W.C.18/04/17 Science - Sorting Materials  5

W.C.18/04/17 Science - Sorting Materials 
This week we have been learning about sorting materials. We looked at different materials and decided how these can be sorted. Some of the words we came up with were: floating, sinking, soft, hard, solid, liquid, light and heavy. 

Monday 6th March 2017 - Torquay Museum


Year 2 were lucky enough to visit Torquay Museum this week. We read the story 'Mammoth Pie' about a man named Ogg who wanted to eat a mammoth! We used recycled material to re-create the mammoth and retell the story. We then had an opportunity to explore the museum including all the old bones and skulls from cave men long ago. We looked at the clothes worn during the Stone Age and even explored the 'Agatha Christie' room, one of our house teams! Have a look below at our exciting trip out!

Wartime Cooking

Wartime Cooking  1
Wartime Cooking  2
Wartime Cooking  3
Wartime Cooking  4
Wartime Cooking  5
Wartime Cooking  6

Maths Partitioning

Maths Partitioning  WC 30/01/17

This term in Maths we have been learning about Partitioning. We have looked at being able to use different combinations of 10s and 1s to make a two digit number. For Example 43 = 3 tens and 13 ones. 

Thursday 10th November 2016

Today we learnt to Flamenco dance! Karina told us that when a Flamenco dancer finishes their dance, it is polite to shout encouraging words such as 'ole'!

Flamenco 4

Still image for this video

Flamenco Dancing 3

Still image for this video

Flamenco Dancing 2

Still image for this video

Flamenco Dancing 1

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Cormorants Go Gardening

Cormorants Go Gardening  1
Cormorants Go Gardening  2
Cormorants Go Gardening  3
Cormorants Go Gardening  4
Cormorants Go Gardening  5
Cormorants Go Gardening  6
Cormorants Go Gardening  7
Cormorants Go Gardening  8
Cormorants Go Gardening  9
Cormorants Go Gardening  10
Cormorants Go Gardening  11
Cormorants Go Gardening  12
Cormorants Go Gardening  13
Cormorants Go Gardening  14
Cormorants Go Gardening  15
Cormorants Go Gardening  16
Cormorants Go Gardening  17
Cormorants Go Gardening  18
Cormorants Go Gardening  19
Cormorants Go Gardening  20
Cormorants Go Gardening  21
Cormorants Go Gardening  22
Cormorants Go Gardening  23
Cormorants Go Gardening  24
Cormorants Go Gardening  25
Cormorants Go Gardening  26
Cormorants Go Gardening  27
Cormorants Go Gardening  28
Cormorants Go Gardening  29
Cormorants Go Gardening  30
Cormorants Go Gardening  31
Cormorants Go Gardening  32
Cormorants Go Gardening  33
Cormorants Go Gardening  34
Cormorants Go Gardening  35
Cormorants Go Gardening  36
Cormorants Go Gardening  37
Cormorants Go Gardening  38
Cormorants Go Gardening  39
Cormorants Go Gardening  40
Cormorants Go Gardening  41
Cormorants Go Gardening  42
Cormorants Go Gardening  43
Cormorants Go Gardening  44
Cormorants Go Gardening  45
Cormorants Go Gardening  46
Cormorants Go Gardening  47
Cormorants Go Gardening  48
Cormorants Go Gardening  49
Cormorants Go Gardening  50
Cormorants Go Gardening  51
Cormorants Go Gardening  52
Cormorants Go Gardening  53
Cormorants Go Gardening  54
Cormorants Go Gardening  55

Cormorants Go Gardening 10/11/16

As part of our learning on plants we were lucky enough to be able to plant trees at the bottom of the field. We had to dig our own holes and plant our own seedlings. We then filled them in with compost and will watch them grow!


We had a fantastic day in Exeter! We got to try traditional Spanish tapas and even eat doughnuts with chocolate sauce! Then we went into the Museum where we got to dress up like Romans and explore the different cultures from around Europe and the world. During Lunch time, we had our lunch in a big park with our friends and teachers. We then went back to the Museum to look at some animals and the countries they come from. What a Day!

Dance - Wednesday 19th October

Still image for this video
Year 2 have been learning an Italian dance called the Tarantella.

Cormorants Tarantella 2.MOV

Still image for this video

Cormorants Tarantella 3.MOV

Still image for this video

Maths 29/09/16

Since that start of Year 2 we have been learning about place value. We can now say how many 10s and 1s in a two digit number and put them in size order. This week we used our place value knowledge to solve a problem where we had to measure and order famous landmarks around Europe. 

Pizza Making 14th September 

To continue our learning on Italy we have been making Pizzas. The children made them from scratch including their own dough! On Friday, we had an Italian style cafe where we were able to eat what we had made. 

Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept)

Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 1
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 2
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 3
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 4
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 5
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 6
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 7
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 8
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 9
Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept) 10

Our First Dance Lesson (7th Sept)

On Wednesday 7th Sept we had our first Dance Lesson with our new specialist Dance Teacher - Mrs Tyson. We made up our own routines including steps and jumps. Please find above are some photos.

Academic Year 2015-2016

Picture 1

This term we are learning about plants and growing.





We will be growing different vegetables in our school allotment, learning about the lifecycles and parts of a plant, designing a shelter for the allotment and even creating our own vegetable sculptures in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Careers Week 2 - Wb 27th June 2016


This week we have been visited by a microbiologist, a producer from BBC Radio Devon and a paramedic! We have learnt how to take someones blood pressure and how to stay healthy. On Thursday we produced our own BBC news clip and even used an auto-cue! We have learnt how to build a gate and discussed all of the people who play an important role in building a business. We learnt about new technology and how to install a satellite dish. Finally we we were visited by a chiropractor who taught us about how to keep a healthy back! Have a look below at all of the exciting things we have been learning about.


We would like to thank all of the parents and carers who have taken time out to teach us all about their profession.

Careers Week - Wb 20th June 2016


We have been lucky enough to have been visited by many different professional this week! On Monday we were visited by a police officer who showed us his equipment and many different hats. We also found out some amazing facts. Did you know that woman couldn't join the force until 1919? We were also visited by a yoga instructor who showed us different yoga poses and breathing techniques. We were also visited by a woman who owns a phone repair shop, she showed us the inside of an iPhone. Did you know our smart phones have more power in them than the first computer that sent a rocket to the moon? We have also been treated to a visit from a member of cabin crew from Virgin Atlantic, the manager from Brixham fish market and the owner of Pier Point resturant in Torquay.

A huge thank you to all the adults who came to have lunch with Year 2 this week. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What Makes Britain British?

This term we are learning what makes Britain British. In Key Stage One we will be focussing on 3 m's:

Monarchy, Music and Mmmm!



We will be exploring significant members of the British monarchy, from King Henry VIII to Prince George. We will also be engaging our creative sides to develop music and dance in the style of influential artists from different decades. We will also be learning about the different religions and cultures that make up our diverse nation through food. Check back here to find out what we get up to... 

World Book Day! 3/03/2015

Cormorants had a great day today dressing up as our favourite book characters. We started off with a book quiz in our house teams. Next the year 6  Owls came to our classroom to read us some of their favourite stories. After that we met Clare Helen Welsh, the author of 'Aerodynamics of Biscuits'. We helped Helen to solve the mystery of the missing biscuits by designing our own pirate mice. We then used adjectives to describe and name them. Cormorants would like to say a huge thank you to all the adults who helped us with our costumes. 

World Book Day! 3/03/16

World Book Day! 3/03/16 1
World Book Day! 3/03/16 2
World Book Day! 3/03/16 3
World Book Day! 3/03/16 4
World Book Day! 3/03/16 5
World Book Day! 3/03/16 6
World Book Day! 3/03/16 7
World Book Day! 3/03/16 8
World Book Day! 3/03/16 9
World Book Day! 3/03/16 10
World Book Day! 3/03/16 11
World Book Day! 3/03/16 12
World Book Day! 3/03/16 13
World Book Day! 3/03/16 14
World Book Day! 3/03/16 15
World Book Day! 3/03/16 16
World Book Day! 3/03/16 17
World Book Day! 3/03/16 18
World Book Day! 3/03/16 19
World Book Day! 3/03/16 20
World Book Day! 3/03/16 21
World Book Day! 3/03/16 22
World Book Day! 3/03/16 23
World Book Day! 3/03/16 24
World Book Day! 3/03/16 25
World Book Day! 3/03/16 26
World Book Day! 3/03/16 27
World Book Day! 3/03/16 28
World Book Day! 3/03/16 29
World Book Day! 3/03/16 30

Science - Fizzy Drinks

Science - Fizzy Drinks 2.03.16

In Science, we have been learning about about Healthy Eating. We have looked at the features of a balanced diet and explored the affects of fizzy drinks on our teeth. To explore this topic we decided to conduct an experiment by submerging egg shells in a variety of drinks including - apple juice, coke, energy drink and apple juice. 

Sugary Drinks Workshop - 29.2.16


Today in Year 2 we had a visitor from Brixham College to tell us all about the hidden sugars in our drinks. We learnt that we could only be consuming an average of 6-7 teaspoons of sugar a day.  If we have more than this we need to find a way to burn this off otherwise it is stored as fat.  We looked at some of the drinks we have and found out the amount of sugar they contain.

Coke - 9 teaspoons

Apple Juice - 7 teaspoons

Juicy Water - 9 teaspoons

Ribena - 12.5 teaspoons

We were also told about the 'Sugar Smart' app which scans the amount of sugar in any food or drink item.  Have a look below at the new things we learnt. 


Maths Additive Reasoning 

Wk commencing 21.02.16

This week the children have been learning about addition and subtraction. The children have learnt number facts to 10 and have been applying these to numbers up to 100. The children have been using the language 'because I know that'. A great example of this was 'because I know that 2+3=5 I also know that 20+30=50'.  

Maths- Additive Reasoning

House Charity Fundraising (11.2.16)

Today we took part in a fundraising event organised by 4 house teams. First we entered to Whitley's colouring competition. Next we went to Singer and took part in a fun run and completed over sporting challenges. After that we visited Christie and enjoyed the treasure hunt and table tennis challenges. Finally, we all watched 'Brunel's Got Talent' in the hall we had a great time. 

House Fundraising Day

House Fundraising Day  1
House Fundraising Day  2
House Fundraising Day  3
House Fundraising Day  4
House Fundraising Day  5
House Fundraising Day  6
House Fundraising Day  7
House Fundraising Day  8
House Fundraising Day  9
House Fundraising Day  10
House Fundraising Day  11
House Fundraising Day  12
House Fundraising Day  13
House Fundraising Day  14
House Fundraising Day  15
House Fundraising Day  16
House Fundraising Day  17
House Fundraising Day  18
House Fundraising Day  19
House Fundraising Day  20
House Fundraising Day  21
House Fundraising Day  22
House Fundraising Day  23
House Fundraising Day  24
House Fundraising Day  25
House Fundraising Day  26
House Fundraising Day  27

Master Mathematicians 

Week Commencing 18th January:

This week the children have been focusing on ordering numbers to 100. In order to do this they have studied the value of numbers very closely so that we know how many 10s and 1s are in a number. We then measured ourselves and put our heights in order from smallest to biggest. We have now further progressed to using <, > and = to sequence our data. 



Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3
Maths 4
Maths 5
Maths 6
Maths 7
Maths 8
Maths 9
Maths 10
Maths 11
Maths 12
Maths 13
Maths 14
Maths 15
Maths 16
Maths 17
Maths 18
Maths 19
Maths 20
Maths 21
Maths 22

Beach School- Tuesday 12th January

Year 2 were very lucky to have Lisa from 'Beach School' to show us all the exciting learning opportunities we can do down the beach.  We explored the different shells we might find and talked about the animals who would live in them! We then learned about the different currents the sea has, and why we have to be careful in the water.  We then acted this out! Take a look below to see all the exciting things we were allowed to hold…

Picture 1

Health and Hygiene 19/11/15

Handwashing! 19/11/15

On Thursday 19th November, Cormorants were visited by the school nurse. We learnt lots of interesting facts about how germs travel and the importance of washing your hands. We learnt that we should sing 'happy birthday' twice whilst washing our hands thoroughly. It was interesting to see how far the germs traveled around the classroom., 

Eden Project 18/11/15

On Wednesday 18th November We had a fantastic trip to the Eden Project where we learnt lots about plants and different habitats. The children were suprised to learn that so much of the things we use all the time comes from plants including medicine, fruit and even chocolate! Throughout the day we explored the Rainforest, Mediterranean as well as the amazing sculptures around Eden. The children loved this experience and were inspired to recycle as much as possible to look after our environment. 

Adding and Subracting 11/11/15

Over the last few week, we have been focusing on adding and subtracting. Initially the children used money as a context for their learning. Children have been learning to use the initial stages of adding and subtracting. As well as this we have been looking at ways to calculate efficiently such as bridging to the next 10 and partitioning into 10s and 1s. Next Step Multiplication!!!

Adding and Subtracting

Adding and Subtracting 1
Adding and Subtracting 2
Adding and Subtracting 3
Adding and Subtracting 4
Adding and Subtracting 5
Adding and Subtracting 6
Adding and Subtracting 7
Adding and Subtracting 8
Adding and Subtracting 9
Adding and Subtracting 10
Adding and Subtracting 11
Adding and Subtracting 12

Fire Safety 3/11/15

This week Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from some firefighters. We learned lots of important information such as the different jobs the fire service perform, how to 'Stop, Drop and Roll' and which number to dial in an emergency. We also learned about we can stay safe in different rooms of our homes and what firefighters wear to keep safe. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15

Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 1
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 2
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 3
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 4
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 5
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 6
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 7
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 8
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 9
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 10
Multi-Skills Festival 1/10/15 11

Key Stage 1 Save the Bumblebees! 26/9/15

We have rolled up our sleeves and got busy digging! As part of our scientific investigations we are exploring different habitats, including woodland, and the animals that live in them. We decided to enhance our own woodland area to give bumblebees a new natural habitat.

Habitat Hunters 20/9/15


Our theme for this half term is 'Habitat Hunters'. We will be exploring a variety of habitats around the world from the Amazon rainforest to the Sahara desert. We will be looking at the different plants and animals in each of the different habitats, and finding out what they need to survive in these different climates. Check back here to find out what we have been up to... 

Exploring our own habitat 17/11/15


We became explorers this week when we ventured in to the wilds of the school field to look for different habitats. We went to the Chambers garden, the forest area and the nature garden to see what we could find. William said 'animals go out to hunt then bring their food back to their habitat'. Have a look at the pictures below to see the habitats that we found! 

Brunel Bridges 10/9/15


This week we have been exploring units of measurement, including grams and kilograms. We ordered a selection of weights and then built our own bridges from paper, straws and sellotape. Finally, we tested our bridges with a 200g weight to find our if they were strong enough. Have a look at the pictures below to see us in action! 

Our Maths Learning 9/9/15