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At White Rock, we ensure that all writing learning is experiential and has a real purpose. Writing is linked closely with our themes and to ensure consistency, year groups plan together so that all children are receiving the same experience in every classroom. 



To all Young Writers at White Rock! There is a special writing project being held by Doorstep Arts this summer This is an exciting opportunity to work with a small team of young writers to create a script which will inspired by the work of international female writers.

If you would like to be part of this project, then please visit the following website.




Cross-Curricular Writing Workshop - Thursday 10th March

Our Cross-Curricular Writing Workshop took place on Thursday 10th March. During the workshop, we looked at the importance of writing across the curriculum and we had a go at planning our own pieces of cross-curricular writing by using a stimulus and National Curriculum criteria for Science and History.

The evening was extremely informative and we hope that it had helped parents to gain an insight into how writing experiences are planned at White Rock.

Cross-Curricular writing workshop for parents - Thursday 10th March at 6.30

Why cross-curricular writing? Teachprimary. com has stated that a cross-curricular approach,

 'helps engage children in their learning and provides a mechanism for teachers to adapt activities so that all children can make good progress. The important thing here is to know your class well, pinpointing contexts that groups of children and individuals find motivating, giving their learning a sense of purpose and direction. Children’s achievement in areas such as literacy and mathematics can be given a tremendous boost by looking across the curriculum for engaging contexts. This approach is supported by evidence from the Cambridge Primary Review which found that “far from being a threat to achieved standards in ‘the basics’, a broad, rich, balanced and well-managed curriculum is actually the prerequisite for those standards.'

Our cross-curricular writing workshop will show how we achieve writing across the curriculum as well as enabling parents to have a go at writing their own masterpiece!

So look out for the flyer nearer the time!

Pupil Survey

As part of our continual efforts to drive writing forward at White Rock, the writing team have been asking our more able writers their opinions of writing in our school. Initially, children in Yrs 5 and 6 have been asked - the views of yrs3/4 and yrs1/2 will be collated soon.




Parents Workshop

Thankyou to all parents who attended the writing workshop on Thursday 26th March. The writing team hope you found the evening as enjoyable as we did and that the information shared provided you with an insight of how writing is taught at White Rock as well as showing you how passionate we are about it. 

Parents Workshop

There will be a writing workshop for parents this half term on Thursday 26th March at 6.30pm. We are hoping to make this workshop interactive with plenty of opportunities to write!

The focus will be looking at the LQ (learning question) of a lesson and the steps needed to be taken to achieve the LQ. We will also be discussing how the children self assess their writing and devise their next steps.

The writing team is looking forward to seeing you there!

Radio 2 - 500 words writing competition

Radio 2 have launched their 500 word writing competition  again for this year. If you wish to enter follow the link below. The closing date 26th February so you'll have to be quick!



More Able boy writers

We are always looking for opportunities to encourage our more able and boys to write and so on the 26th November, five of our boys, from yr 2-6,  went to a writing workshop at Cockington Court. Here, they met children from other local primary and secondary schools to write an adventure story based around a number of clues which had been hidden in the forest.

As the pictures show, they had a great time and produced some high quality pieces of writing.

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