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On Wednesday the 9th May, Year 1 parents were invited to a Phonic Workshop. The parents participated in a meeting where they learnt some technical vocabulary related to phonics and how to blend and segment words. The parents were informed about the Phonic Screening Test that all children in Year 1 take during the week of 11th June.

Below are some useful websites that were suggested to parents to be used at home:





Phonic Presentation

Phonics and Reading In KS1. Meeting 25.09.14

Phonics and Reading meeting for KS1 Parents


Over 100 parents attended the meeting on the 25th September. It was a real success and parents found it very useful. Below are some handouts that were given. As always, please email or come and see and your child's class teacher or Vicky Woolnough or Sarah Jarrett.

Some quotes from parents about the meeting:

'Please keep informing us as much as possible – thank you'

'Very informative'

'Understanding with what & how my child is learning will me to help them'

'I understand a little more to help with reading now'

'Great to hear other interesting techniques'


Using our 'phonic fingers'

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How we use our 'phonic fingers'

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Phonics and Reading at White Rock School

Phonic Phase mats

Phonic Phase mats 1
Phonic Phase mats 2
Phonic Phase mats 3
Phonic Phase mats 4
You can use these mats with your child. Can they point to each picture and say the grapheme? For example can they say 'sh' for shoe? Can they write the grapheme and spell the word 'shoe'? Can they think of any other words that have that grapheme in? E.g. - shoe, shin, shine, mash, cash.

Progression of Phonic Phases

Tricky words

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