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Year 6 Animation Creations

Before leaving in July, the children in Year 6 were challenged to produce an animation. Once they had filmed they then needed to edit it in Windows Move Maker and finally add a soundtrack using Audio Network music from the excellent Swiggle website.

These are two of the brilliant finished animations. 


kiki and gracie final.mp4

Still image for this video

Samuel and George

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Year 4 PowerPoint Animations

As part of a project about the many uses of PowerPoint, Year 4 have been using a variety of tools to produce an animation. The children were able to choose their own story to tell and the range of ideas was fantastic.

Our New Digital Leaders

Our New Digital Leaders 1
We have just begun investigating whiteboard animation. These are our first attempts -


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fs_220 (1).mov

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In September interviews were held in order to choose our new Digital Leaders. These interviews were planned and run by last year's Digital Leaders who enjoyed having the responsibility for such important decisions. They decided on a set of questions, and then worked with a partner to interview the candidates, before meeting with Mrs Broderick to choose the new team. 

The Interviews

The Interviews 1
The Interviews 2

Thoughts from some of the new team...

My time as a digital leader it started with the interview. This was surprisingly not scary at all because the old digital leaders where always smiling and laughing, they really made it comfortable. All the people who didn’t get to be a digital leader were then made the E-safety team. 


The interview was very nerve racking because we did not know who would and who would not become one. Luckily, if we did not become a digital leader we would be in the e safety team but it was still very scary. I did not think I was good enough to be a digital leader.  When they called out my name I stood up in assembly and they told me that I was a digital leader it was glorious. They gave me a certificate and a badge and I was on my merry way.



E-Safety Presentation to Parents


With our E-Safety focus in mind, we held an event for parents who wanted to find out what had been happening in our Computing lessons. For those parents who were unable to attend here is the presentation PowerPoint.

E-Safety Evening 20th November 2014