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New Digital Leaders for 2018 - 2019

During the first half of the Autumn term the Digital Leaders from last year selected a new team for this year. This is a complex task with applications being submitted by children from Years 5 and 6 before interviews take place. 

New Digital Leader Interviews

The process of selecting the new team begins with the production of a 'job description', a list of interview questions and a spot in assembly to invite applications. During the last couple of weeks, the current team have been busy interviewing the large amount of applicants and have picked their replacements.



KidsMeet '18

The White Rock Primary Digital Leaders had the opportunity to attend the recent KidsMeet, which took place at Westcliff Primary Academy. This was an amazing experience which gave the children access to computing ideas being used by ten other schools and to 'travel' using virtual reality head sets.

Each school was required to deliver a presentation to the other schools; we showed how we have been exploring Kodu and some of what can be done with this exciting software. We also had to run a workshop for the other schools where we taught them how to use the iPad app Stop Motion. We visited the workshops run by the other schools which included green screening, the use of Sphero, Bee-Bots, Scratch, virtual reality and coding unplugged.

The Best Presentation Award!

We ran our own workshop.

We 'travelled' using virtual reality headsets.

We explored the workshops run by other schools.


The Digital Leaders have been exploring visual programming with the free Kodu Game Lab software. They have explored the pre-made games before making their own.

They are now giving up their free time to run an after school club for Year 5 to pass on their knowledge. The club has been very successful.

Teaching Year 5.

The Digital Leaders for 2017-18

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