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Although each class has a specific day for their PE and Dance lessons, it is sometimes necessary to change the timetable. This means these lessons may take place on a day when your child will not be expecting it.

It is required that each child have their kit in school for the full week.


PE kit should consist of:


  • A house coloured, White Rock logo'd t-shirt.
  • A pair of dark colour shorts.
  • White socks (not school tights).
  • Trainers. (Please ensure if you send your child in with laces they are able to do their own shoes up).
  • Plimsolls are acceptable, but are not ideal for outside sports due to their lack of grip.
  • Girls and boys with long hair must have this tied back away from the face.
  • Earrings must be removed for every lesson.


Dark colour tracksuits may be added to kit bags as extra kit during winter term, and may be worn if the lesson is outside. This is not instead of normal PE kit as children are expected to be in shorts for indoor PE, and all Dance lessons.


For PE clubs, children do not have to wear their PE kit, but should be appropriately dressed for the sport they will be participating in. Please read the clubs letter carefully each half term to ensure the correct kit is available (e.g. boots and shin pads for football)


Lastly, please ensure ALL PE and clubs kit is clearly named as it makes it much easier to reunite children with the correct kit!


At White Rock Primary School, we believe that all children should be encouraged and given the opportunity to express themselves freely. Through Dance, they develop confidence in performing and all children are given opportunities for creative exploration. We know that movement increases memory, order and sequencing skills which help our children to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. These skills help to prepare them for secondary school and their future. Where possible, the learning the children experience in Dance links directly to other curriculum areas, this helps to deepen their understanding and gives them the opportunity to learn creatively in a different way. Dance supports the mental and physical well being of all the children in our school and our intention is that this will help to develop lifelong benefits in their future lives.

Dance Curriculum Overview

Let's Dance - Wednesday 30th May 2022

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children had the opportunity to take part in a dance showcase at South Dartmoor Community College on Wednesday. The afternoon and evening included  watching the older children perform, a practise on the stage, an Art workshop and then two shows where they performed the dance they had been working on for the past 7 weeks. It was such a fantastic experience to be part of after the past 2 years everyone has had. The performance by the children was amazing and they all had such a brilliant time that they wanted to go on and perform the dance again. Well done to everyone - they did White Rock proud!

In Year 6, the children film each other's dances and then watch them back to evaluate and improve them.

In these photographs, Year 5 are creating dances that show over, under, through and around.

When Year 4 were learning about Russia, they also learnt about Russian dancing. Here they are creating their own Russian dances.

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