Welcome to White Rock Primary School!

At White Rock Primary School we explore ways of making learning exciting, relevant and irresistible to all by providing a safe supportive climate which underpins pupils’ emotional well being, their readiness to learn and their ability to face challenges.

This statement is at the centre of the philosophy of education at White Rock School, and everyone involved in the school subscribes to it.

The children of White Rock take an active part in their learning through their membership of the many groups in school ~ Year and School Councils, Eco-schools etcetera they have opportunity for their voice to be heard in all aspects of school life.

Similarly, the involvement of you as parents is crucial in ensuring that your child’s learning experiences are positive and that we are able to support them throughout their time at White Rock. Communication between school and home, both formally and informally, is of the highest importance to us. We hope, therefore, that you would always feel welcome to come in at any time and talk with us about any issues facing your child.

In addition to our high academic expectations, and standards in sport and the arts, we have, underpinning our ethos, the School Charter, which was written in consultation with pupils and staff and is fundamental to the way we live and learn at White Rock.

We are proud of our pupils, our staff, our Governors and Friends Association who together combine their efforts to ensure that everything is in place to make White Rock a lively, exciting and successful school.


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Welcome to our School

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The White Rock Stones

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