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Net Family Newsletter

The Net family newsletter is a weekly newsletter designed to keep parents informed of the latest child relevant developments concerning the internet a...

The ParentsCentre

The ParentsCentre website has a variety of detailed e-safety information, including information on the benefits of home access to ICT, issues to consi...

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Young Gifted & Talented

The site to challenge, fascinate and inspire you. It's packed with fun activities and information, whatever your gift and talent!

Brain Game Challenge

A site of fun 'Brain Gym' style games which your child can revisit (little & often) to help develop their mental problem-solving skills and aim to improve their scores. Try out the section just for mums and dads, so that you can 'model' how to play - and are not left out! There is also advice and recipes for healthy eating from Birds Eye Omega 3, the sponsors.

Childnet International

Important advice about keeping safe online.

The Parents' Centre

For all parents and carers who want to help their child or children to learn.

E-Safety Tips

Lots of information on E-Safety and how to protect your child online.

Helping your Child when researching topics.

A really useful website which children can use to research topics. Filtered by educational experts there is no danger of your child stumbling onto a site which is undesirable.

Parent Pages

THE national directory of services aimed at parents

Parent Link

Practical tips on helping with children's school work.


The latest and widest range of public service information from the UK government.

SureStart Childcare

Where to find childcare in your area.

Parents' Resources

Articles written by practising teachers designed to help with the education of your child.

BBC Adult Learning

Lots of information about getting into learning.

BBC Parenting Site

Advice for parents of primary-aged children.


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