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Nursery Consultation



Our School has recently undergone an extensive expansion to increase the number of primary aged pupils that the school can admit.  This has increased the schools capacity to a three form of entry school with a planned admission number of 90.  The majority of primary schools in the area have a maintained nursery attached to the school, which aids transition for nursery aged children into Reception.  It has long been the aim of the school to provide a nursery unit.  The Governing Body welcome the opportunity to work with the Local Authority to bid for funding to provide a nursery unit for the school.


Research shows that schools with their own nursery are able to offer pupils a far better transition experience. This ensures that each child’s individual learning journey is smooth and personalised as the school will know them very well. Our school ethos of working in partnership with parents and carers would fit perfectly with having a school nursery as we would be able to establish the strongest links possible with our families from the outset.


We feel that it is vital to increase the availability of high quality nursery places to our families and the local community.  This proposal offers the opportunity to provide a purpose built nursery which will be staffed by highly skilled practitioners and led by a qualified teacher.


It has been proven that schools with their own nursery experience better outcomes and progress for pupils, especially at the end of their first year at school.


Please read the documents below for more information. At the moment we are collecting views of staff, governors and parents. In the future we will be seeking the views of our local community.