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White Rock Primary School has been a Foundation School since 2003. The Governing Body, Headteachers and all staff work together to provide the best possible education for our community of children.

The curriculum is creative, innovative, exciting and interactive and we have a holistic approach to learning. Our educational ethos is that our children should become independent learners who have a life long passion for knowledge and an ability to thrive in an ever changing world.

Our aim is to help our children to be compassionate, tolerant and understanding of the cultural diversity in our own country and throughout the world. Alongside this we actively encourage an awareness of how the environment is affected by our actions and how we must respect and conserve the world around us.

The Headteacher, Mrs. Tomkinson is always happy to meet with parents and our open door policy welcomes them and other carers, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles into school to celebrate their child’s achievements.

Governing Body of White Rock School

At White Rock School the Governing Body comprises a combination of:

• Parent governors. Governors who have a child on the roll at the school at the time of election.
• LEA appointed governors. Governors appointed by the LEA. Don’t have to be elected members.
• Staff governors. 3 sub categories. Teacher governor, non teaching governor, governor from either category. The Head has an automatic place on the governing body.
• Partnership governors. Members of the community who do not have a child on the school roll.
• Community governors. Can come from any of the above groups of people.
• Associate members. Members of the public or parent body invited to join the governing body for their particular expertise. They have no voting rights but full access to all documentation.

The work of the governing body has a direct effect on the education and well beng of the pupils and can improve standards throughout the school. To make this more manageable the Governing body operates committees with specific areas of responsibility.

These committees are

• The Curriculum Committee
• The Finance and Premises Committee
• The Personnel committee

There are steering groups and working parties set up from time to time to look at a particular project. Some of the current ones include:
• Health and Safety Group
• Catering Group
• White Rock School and the Community

Past groups have looked at
• Re categorisation of the School
• Re constitution of the governing body.

Each group sets its own terms of reference for the duration of its existence. These are agreed by the governing body. The groups report back to the governing body after each of their meetings.

Key roles for the governing body and the committees are

Ensuring the National Curriculum is delivered and publishing the results of National Curriculum Assessment tests.
• Promoting a high standard of education by setting yearly targets for pupil attainment.
• Managing the schools budget, including making decisions on staffing pay and other expenditure.
• The appointment and discipline of staff.
• Maintenance of buildings and grounds.
• Formulating and reviewing School Policy.

The responsibilities and delegated powers of each committee are included in the Terms of Reference.

Delegation gives the authority to a committee to review, agree and adopt a policy, or to make a decision without reference to the governing body. All committees must, however inform the governing body at the next meeting.

The full Governing Body meets twice a term. Committees meet once every half term, or otherwise as required.

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