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Welcome back and we hope you had a lovely Easter break. We have welcomed a further 20 new children and their families this term and look forward to getting to know them all. The children have made a great start to their time at White Rock and have settled brilliantly. We are so proud of how well all of our little Explorers have done!

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This term we are Being Curious! We are following the children's interests and exploring what makes them curious.

With the better weather hopefully on its way, we are also going to be making the most of our fabulous outdoor space and using the woodland area daily alongside the Reception children. 


There is a Science Museum Learning Celebration organised for the 28th of June and there will be further details about this nearer the time.

Our learning - weeks beginning 4th, 11th and 18th June
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Rodney the Tortoise came to visit

Polly and Milly brought their brother Alfie's tortoise to visit us. His name was Rodney. They told us all about looking after Rodney, what to feed him, giving him a bath. looking after his nails and that he has a beak!

Jackson the Parrot came to visit

Mrs Harris brought her parrot Jackson to visit us. She told us all about what food he eats, what he drinks, how he has toys to keep his brain busy and all the things she has to do to look after him. He was very noisy!!

We went to visit Nibbles the Rabbit, Archie and Arnie the Goats and the chickens.

We went to visit our school animals. Some of the children at school are in charge of looking after them. They make sure they have clean, fresh hay in their beds and pens, fresh water to drink and the right sort of food to keep them fit and healthy. We made sure to use the hand gel afterwards so we didn't get any yucky germs.

Our tomato plants

We learned how to look after tomato plants. We found out they need soil and water and sunshine to grow. We are measuring to see how big they will get.

Our Learning Weeks Beginning 7th, 14th and 21st May
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Planting and growing
We have been exploring the plants at our Nursery. We found lots of lovely leaves, flowers and shrubs in the woodland and used them to make beautiful art work for our windows. We planted our own cress and watched it grow. It grows so fast!! We have also planted sunflowers and learned how they need water and sunlight if we want them to grow really big. Mrs Virgo has helped us plant a salad box - we can't wait to have some of the lettuce for our snack.
A Royal Party
We celebrated the Royal Wedding. We made crowns and flags, junk modelled wedding cakes, iced cookies and baked our own cupcakes. Then we took them all to a party with our friends in Reception where we played party games, did some dancing and shared a wedding picnic.
We were curious about snails. We found our own snails in the woodland. We had to look in dark, damp places like under the plants and rocks. We made a special soup and painted it on the sides of the bowls. The snails slithered up the sides and ate the soup. We saw the snails' mouths and learned that they have lots of teeth! We found out that the slippy bit of the snail is called the foot, that snails eyes are on stalks and that they make a slime to cover themselves that is like our snot!! Yuck!! We sketched and coloured snails, used water colours to paint their patterned shells and made our own out of playdough. We even found our own shells to be snails ourselves!

Our learning weeks beginning 16th, 23rd and 30th April

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We have been exploring the woodland and the Reception classes.We also welcomed our Reception friends into the nursery so they could see our classroom.

We went to collect the eggs from our chickens then made scrambled eggs for snack. We saw how the eggs changed when we mixed them and then when we cooked them.

Our learning Spring Term


We went on a Bear Hunt
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