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Parent E-Safety Event - November 30th 2016


As the safety of our children is always at the forefront of our minds we are pleased to be able to offer our parents an opportunity to attend an E-Safety event at White Rock.

On Wednesday 30th November 2016, Stephen Shepherd, a sergeant in the Devon and Cornwall Police who has been seconded to the UK Safer Internet Centre, will provide parent training sessions. There will be two sessions for you to choose from, the first at 9.15 am and the second at 7pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from someone who has up to the minute information about what our children are facing when using technology today. He will be sharing his knowledge and offering advice to support the choices you make at home, which will combine with the children’s knowledge taken from their own e-safety lessons.

The rapidly changing face of technology is very exciting but can also be very intimidating for parents who are worrying about what their children may be accessing. The aim of these sessions is to give you as much information and support as we can.


Please note: the content of the event is not suitable for anyone under 18.

year 5 intenet safety video - final small file.m4v

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At White Rock we realise that keeping our children safe on-line is a shared responsibility. With this in mind we have found an amazing resource which will support you at home by keeping you up to date with the technology available today - Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine. If you follow the link on this page you will be able to access this as well as a wide range of other information.

Is your internet provided by...BT, Sky, Virgin or Talk Talk?

Each of these providers offers free parental control filters as part of their package. Click on the link below to find out how to set these up.

For any older children you have, or even yourselves, here are some links for downloading PDF checklist leaflets for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. These leaflets show how to set privacy levels, etc. which you may find useful.